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President Macri Expresses Solidarity with Mexico After Devastating Earthquake

By | [email protected] | September 20, 2017 8:23pm


One day after a devastating earthquake hit Mexico City and its surrounding areas, President Mauricio Macri took to Twitter to express with solidarity with the Mexican people as well as with his Mexican counterpart, Enrique Peña Nieto.

The death toll is already at 225 people and is expected to rise after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit 120 kilometers from Mexico City, collapsing buildings and killing hundreds.

World leaders have expressed their sympathy and offered support to Mexico, which was still reeling from a fatal earthquake in the south of the country only two weeks ago. Mauricio Macri shared a tweet on the matter along with other government officials.

Acompañamos a México frente al nuevo sismo que golpeó hoy. Nuestra solidaridad y apoyo a los afectados y al Presidente. @EPN @PresidenciaMX

— Mauricio Macri (@mauriciomacri) September 19, 2017

Yesterday’s tremor was the most powerful to hit the city since the devastating earthquake in 1985 that left over 10,000 people dead. Gabriel Servettono, the Argentine Consul in Mexico, said that there are no reports of Argentine citizens affected by the earthquake so far and they are still trying to reestablish contact with many Argentines who live in the area.

Dozens of buildings have collapsed, including more than forty in Mexico City alone. Citizens and rescuers were working non stop all day and all night to rescue people who may be trapped under the rubble.

The consul also added that he had been receiving hundreds of calls from people who wanted to reestablish contact with their families in Mexico, but once more he had to explain that communication services in Mexico are pretty damaged due to the intensity of the sinister. He asked everyone to be patient and added that up until now there is no record of any Argentine who had been injured or dead.

One of the Argentine people reported missing – Franco Ezequiel Ayala – had already contacted some of his friends and family through Facebook. Due to the complications with communications in Mexico, Telecom announced it would be making calls between Mexico and Argentina free. All users of Personal and Movistar will be able to make free calls to their relatives and friends in Mexico to check on them.

Finally, Servettono added that the earthquake was an unforgettable and extreme experience and that it was “longer than he had ever imagined.”

The Argentine Foreign Ministry has also provided phone numbers of interest for Argentines who are currently in Mexico:

  • Office for Argentines Abroad – International Relationship Minister.
    • (+5411) 48197000 (extension: 8171/7896/3279/3369/3172)
  • Argentine Consulate in Mexico (Cell phone number)
    • (+0052) 15585560472
  • E-mail for emergencies