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Macri: One Debate Is Quite Enough, Thanks

By | [email protected] | October 28, 2015 11:58am


Remember when we said that there were going to be not one but two live debates ahead of the November 22 runoff?

Yeah, well, last night, Cambiemos candidate Mauricio Macri said that he will only debate his rival once.

And in one breath, he ruined our hopes for a double debate bash.

It was reported yesterday that both Argentina Debate — the company in charge of the historic head-to-head earlier this month — and TN’s program, A dos voces, would be the hosts of the two still-hopeful presidential candidates.

Now, however, only Argentina Debate will be the lucky recipients of Argentina’s hot shots on November 15.

“I am surprised that [Scioli] said no and now he is saying yes, but I welcome him. It shows that change is an unstoppable wave,” said Macri on Canal 26. He concluded:

“I think Scioli And I Will Only debate once. It’s good that we are going to have a debate.”

The coordinator of the now single debate, Hernán Charosky, told La Nación that he is now drawing up an agenda for the pair, so that there can be a public “exchange of ideas between the candidates.”

As things stand, the debate will be at 9 PM on November 15 and will see Scioli and Macri battle it out one last time before the final vote.