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Macri on the Copa Libertadores Final Fiasco: ‘It was a Sad and Frustrating Weekend’

"On behalf of all Argentines, I don't understand."

By | [email protected] | November 27, 2018 9:00am

26-11-2018_buenos_aires_el_presidente_mauricioPhoto via Télam

“It was a sad and frustrating weekend.”

With those words President Mauricio Macri described the violent episodes that led to the successive cancellation of the Copa Libertadores’ final between River and Boca this Saturday and Sunday.

“I’ve worked for many years to help get Argentina in a place where it has opportunities for growth and development, and allow us to partner with the rest of the world. But what happened this weekend did not help us achieve this goal at all,” the president added. 

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Joined by Security and Justice Ministers Patricia Bullrich and German Garavano,  Macri called out the judicial branch for the lack of legal action against the attackers. “How can these people be released right after [being detained due to their alleged involvement in the incidents],” Macri said. “I don’t get it! On behalf of all Argentines, I don’t understand. The same thing happened with the [protest against the 2019 budget at] Congress,” he added.

The President did not take questions from the journalists present in the room.

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Macri went on to indicate that “we need judges, prosecutors, security forces and every one of us as citizens to work together to end this violence.” “I will never stop trying. The only possible society is in which the law governs, and in which we are all treated equally,” he finished.

The president of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), Alejandro Dominguez, called for a delay of the game so that Pérez had time to recover and even out the playing field. Both teams’ presidents plan to meet tomorrow in Paraguay to discuss how to proceed.

Boca authorities have filed an official request for River to be disqualified from the competition as a result of the events, and be consequently crowned champion. Their counterparts, in contrast, argue the episode took place outside of the stadium, and therefore the institution cannot be held accountable for it.