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Macri Gets Lots Of Praise From World Leaders At The G-20 Summit

By | [email protected] | September 5, 2016 12:14pm


The G20 Summit taking place in China served to reassure President Mauricio Macri that he is set to position himself as a regional leader, as he received direct public praises from the heads of state of the United States, China and Spain. All three praises shared a common message: under his leadership, Argentina managed to “reinsert” itself into the world. Macri, on his end, assured that Argentina has made “revolutionary changes” to open up the country’s economy but called for “clear rules, long-term and low-cost financing” in order to achieve sustained economic growth.

The first head of State to pat Macri’s ego was US President Barack Obama, who praised the measures taken by his counterpart’s administration in an informal meeting shortly before the main session began: “I congratulate you for the success in the measures you are carrying forward and for the changes you are making, thinking about the entire population,” Obama told Macri, according to La Nación.

Moreover, when speaking before the other presidents during the session, Obama made a direct reference to Macri, calling him one of several presidents “who are taking the right measures,” including Indonesia and Italy. He specifically praised “the new president of Argentina, who has taken measures to redesign and give new strength to his economy.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping had his turn to speak well of Macri in another session that gathered all 20 presidents when, also in a direct reference to Argentina’s leader said that his country “celebrates the progress made regarding the sovereign debt issue and welcomes you again to the international credit markets.” He added: “I celebrate you have returned to the world.”

All of this love, of course, didn’t go unnoticed. In an interview with Radio Mitre, Macri noted that there is an overall “recognition to all we have done in these last months when it comes to coming clean about the economy and opening ourselves to the world.” He added that “I was pleasantly surprised by the praises both from the Chinese and American presidents about the measures we have taken, the enthusiasm that Argentina being back generates in the world and the eagerness to invest in the country.”

This myriad of positive words from Macri’s counterparts can hardly be considered surprising considering the current landscape in South America is more than favorable for Argentina to become the leading voice in the region. It’s not just that the policies taken by Macri’s administration are much more in line with most other countries partaking in the summit, but also that the only other South American president present at the G20 is Brazil’s Michel Temer, whose public image is, let’s say, not the best right now.

In regards to Temer, however, Macri showed a particular eagerness to set aside the controversy regarding the legitimacy of the process that saw now former President Dilma Rouseff ousted and move forward with the bilateral relations. In fact, Temer is set to visit Argentina on October 8.

The third head of state who congratulated Macri for his administration’s economic decisions was Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who in a bilateral meeting held today said the policies mark “the right path so Argentina can start to grow again.”

Photo via Ambito

Photo via Ambito. You can find Mac awkwardly standing on the bottom right corner

Macri was sure to toot his own horn during his speech in the main G20 session, telling the global leaders that “Argentina left behind several years of populism and has made revolutionary changes.” He went on to say that his government wants to “generate trust to” but that, in order to do so, needs “a transparent framework, clear rules and long-term and low-cost financing.”

Macri also met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the two leaders discussed potential investment opportunities. “Argentina is a very relevant partner,” Putin said.

Earlier, he also held a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the two agreed to deepen bilateral ties between the countries.