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Macri Goes After Opposition for Criticizing Armed Forces Reform

In Córdoba, the President addressed a number of pertinent issues.

By | [email protected] | July 30, 2018 3:53pm

macPresident Mauricio Macri in Córdoba (Photo via Infobae)

President Mauricio Macri addressed a crowd in Córdoba and laid out his future plans for the Argentine economy, which is very much in crisis at the moment. He emphasized that, even though the country is currently going through a “storm”- a term he used five times throughout this speech as a way to avoid mentioning the word “crisis”—he reiterated that Argentina is still strong and has the support of the international community.

Macri emphasized that, during the 2018 South Africa BRICS summit, from which he returned last night, he received a great deal of “support from international leaders” from the emerging countries that participated.

The President went on to tell the crowds present that this “economic storm” is not like the ones Argentina may have experienced in the past, and that he is acting quickly, “without changing course,” to make sure that the country emerges from its current economic crisis stronger than ever. “We don’t sit and cry [and do] nothing,” Macri emphasized, referring to his administration’s actions in the face of the economic woes. “We act quickly.”

He went on to highlight the measures that had been taken by his administration to overcome the crisis, stressing that the global community fully backed these policies.  

The “support of the world was strengthened by Argentina’s continuation down the same course” Macri stated, referring to his decision to not shift Argentina’s economic policies of opening trade and slashing the country’s deficit.

Macri was in Córdoba to attend the joint Nissan-Renault launch of its Frontier pickup in the province, after an US $600 million investment in the Santa Isabel Plant. He was accompanied by Governor Juan Schiaretti as well as First Lady Juliana Awada, and their daughter Antonia.

Macri addresses the crowd in Córdoba, Via La Nación:Captura Presidencia

Macri affirmed that the investment of Nissan-Renault was not an “isolated” event, insisting that it is the first of many. He also highlighted the growth in international investment achievements in Argentina’s vast lithium reserves, and in Vaca Muerta, the country’s oil and shale gas reservoir in Neuquén. He then went on to stress Argentina’s growing exports, characterizing the increase as “never before seen” in the meat and citrus sectors. Finally, he touched upon tourism as another growing profitable sector within the country.

In the same speech, Macri also criticized the political opposition that rejected the reform to the Armed Forces that his administration announced last week. The reforms rethink and reshape the deployment of units within Argentina, and will institute a larger military presence at the country’s northern border as part of the administration’s efforts to ramp up the fight against drug trafficking.

Macri has pointed out the “hypocrisy” of his political opponents during his speech, saying that they were quick to viscerally criticize recent reforms, but had made similar suggestions themselves not long ago.

“I’m surprised, their candidates proposed the same thing,” Macri said during his speech. He went on to ask the leaders of the country’s main opposition parties to show “sincerity,” and have “constructive attitudes” when it came to bettering Argentina as a whole.

“What we aim to do is adapt the armed forces in Argentina to be ready for the most pertinent global threats of the 21st century: terrorism, cyber attacks, and the fight against drug trafficking.”

“The reaction of the opposition was to reject this progress, and that rejection is one that has surprised many. It is as if their candidates for president, who competed with me, had not proposed exactly the same thing.” Macri went on to emphasize. He then added: “That’s not right. It’s the opposite of sincerity, productive dialogue and a constructive attitude.”