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Macri: Bring On The Debate

By | [email protected] | October 27, 2015 1:07pm


Yesterday it was announced that, despite refusing to participate in the last presidential debate (the first ever of its kind in Argentine history), Daniel Scioli has now called for another to take place between himself and opposition candidate Mauricio Macri, on November 15. And guess what? Macri has now officially accepted the invitation. 

In a conversation with TV station, Canal 13, he stated:

“I welcome the debate, it’s no problem at all.”

This is basically a politician’s version of saying: “Bring it on, NBD.”

He went on, “It’s not because I’m vain, it’s because I want to help, I feel that the Argentine people have convinced me that there’s more we can do.”

He also added a comment or two explaining the importance of staying strong and showing no signs of fear at this point — I mean, in due course, one of them is going to be in charge of one of Latin America’s largest countries, after all.

Macri explained that his priority, for now, is to keep the nation’s spirits high after Sunday night’s historic events — speaking both of his success against Scioli and María Eugenia Vidal’s revolutionary defeat over Aníbal Fernández in Buenos Aires Province.

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Scioli: Wanna debate? Macri: It’s a deal. Photo via

But it’s not long now until November 15 and debate coordinator Hernán Charosky said that it is imperative that they speed up the organizational process and yesterday revealed that he and the campaign teams from both sides will be meeting up later today to finalize the details of the historic debate (yep, it’s still historic — it’s the first ever ballotage debate, you see).

So far, all that has been confirmed is that it will take place on November 15 at the University of Buenos Aires’ Law School.

For Macri’s part, he is looking to discuss his policies on drug trafficking, public education and the internal justice system.

“There is a new political space opening up in Argentina,” he concluded.