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Macri Already Using New Heliport at the Casa Rosada

By | [email protected] | February 7, 2018 11:36am


Starting this week, President Mauricio Macri will touch down just 100 meters from his office inside the Casa Rosada now that a new heliport has been installed at the executive office site, replacing the old one across Avenida Leandro Alem.

Sources told La Nación that Macri used the heliport for the first time yesterday at 9:30 AM, and just an hour later, Buenos Aires Governor María Eugenia Vidal arrived on it as well.

The heliport was moved due to the ‘Parque del Bajo’, the major construction works happening parallel to the new Paseo del Bajo on the Alem and Madero avenues.

The new heliport should also minimize the traffic jams that occurred each time the president landed across the street and had to be transported across a busy avenue with a full motorcade, so it seems as daily workers of the city’s downtown area will also benefit from this change.

The city’s Minister of Urban Development and Transport said that “construction started on July 1 and was executed by the company KIR SRL. Last weekend, they performed security checks and found it suitable for presidential use.” The construction project cost around AR $17 million.

This is what the the

This is what the the ‘Parque del Bajo’ will look like once it’s over. (Photo via Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires)