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Lubertino Says Kinder Surprise Eggs Are Sexist

By | [email protected] | April 2, 2013 12:55am


By now we are all used to City legislator María José Lubertino‘s Twitter rants. They are as hilarious as they are scary, and that’s OK because that’s usually what Twitter is all about.

So as many of us today were still breathing heavily on our couches and tried no to go into a diabetic coma after stuffing our faces with chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, chocolate cake, chocolate asado and chocolate wine for four days straight, we discovered that the spirit of Easter and Capitalism had been raped by a monocle-dropping tweet, courtesy of our favorite ultra-liberal government official:

“RT. We reject the selling of the Kinder Easter eggs differentiated by color and toy. A step back for #genderequality”.

Who’s “we”, exactly? Because besides our very own staff writer Bianca Fernet, I can’t think of many people rallying behind this cause (personally, I couldn’t care less about color-gender associations, and this is a macho-centric culture). As some began to mock her one-man crusade against those sexist Kinder Surprise eggs, she continued:

“Pink for the girls, blue for the boys. Not only it condemns us to an unnecessary division, it also denies us the rest of the color palette”.

Seriously, she said that.

The controversy was such that Twitter exploded with jokes and comments, which is the best thing to ever happen to a journalist on a slow news day like today. Why do you think I’m writing this, for content value? Please.

Later in the afternoon, C5N dedicated a whole segment to it and called Lubertino for comment, who doubled down on her statements by accusing the eggs of being “sexist”. The discussion, led by conservative commentator Eduardo Feinmann (also known as Lubertino’s nemesis), began with him teasing her tweet, wondering if “she was going to accuse the Kinder Surprise eggs of having any involvement in the last dictatorship” and called her for a live interview. The result is exactly what you would expect: two crazy people hating each other and talking about dolls, pacifiers and gay kids.

In the meantime, I will take some time to defend the obvious victim here (the Ferrero chocolate manufacturer), which keeps being under (unjust) attack by overreacting people all over the world.

My egg is sexist!” mothers say. “You can’t sell them in this country because they contain small parts, children swallow them and they die (and we get sued)“, says the US. Come on, now. Just let that poor company celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ they way He would have wanted: by making millions in profit after selling eggs all over the world.

(Photo via Wikipedia, Video Via C5N)