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‘Los Simuladores’ Help Launch Netflix Argentina’s Twitter. But Are They Coming Back?

Santos and the gang left fans hoping for an all-out reunion on screen.

By | [email protected] | May 8, 2019 1:38pm

simuladoresPhoto via Infobae

Let’s state with the obvious: we at The Bubble are huge fans of the cult Argentine series Los Simuladores. We’ve actually written extensively about it in the past, just to make sure you understand. So it comes as no surprise that we went a bit bonkers yesterday when, after some banter between the official Netflix Latin America Twitter account and an Argentine user about local slang, an unexpected visitor chimed in on the action.

In case you need a hint, that guy is none other than the leader of Los Simuladores himself, actor Federico D’Elia (AKA Santos in the show). The original exchange between Netflix LatAm and user @agustinmeme had to do with the term manija, which loosely translates into craving something really, really badly.

D’Elia pitched in with this gem: “Don’t worry @agustinmeme. Leave it in our hands. Argentines will feel part of this community. Relax, we’ll take care of the costs of this operation.” He then proceeded to tag Martin Seefeld (AKA research specialist Gabriel David Medina on the show) asking him if he would be available for one last case and if he could begin doing some research. Seefeld didn’t take long to respond and the whole thing just started getting better and better.

Seefeld’s response is nothing short of brilliant: “I’ve been analyzing the posts by @NeftlixLat and this kid is right. Nobody uses ‘tú’ here, except for the Luismi (singer Luis Miguel) series when he sings ‘No sé tú’ and everybody cries deeply on the inside. I must admit I can relate to that.” Keep in mind that, as these exchanges are going down, users are losing their collective shit, speculating about what this could mean for a show that’s been off the air for over 15 years but that’s amassed a legion of fans like none other in Argentina. I mean, what could top TWO Simuladores talking it out on Twitter with Netflix’s official account? Well, how about THREE Simuladores?

That last one is Mr. Mario Lamponne himself, whose real name is Alejandro Fiore. And he does not disappoint with his comeback (just FYI, Maximo Cozzetti is Diego Peretti‘s go-to fake name on the show): “I’m an assistant to Social Media Engineer Máximo Cozzetti, @NetflixLat. We carried out a brief audit so that Netflix may communicate perfectly with its fans. Unfortunately, we have to intervene the account and make drastic changes. Very drastic”. The whole thing continued on for a while, and you can check it in its entirety here. Suffice to say that the whole thing culminated with a tweet that clarified what the hell was actually happening all along, and it came from a surprise new account:

That is the first tweet by the Netflix Argentina’s official Twitter account. Since its birth at 1:43 PM on Tuesday, May 7th, the account has been working hard to establish its unique Argentine identity (sometimes overreaching a bit if you ask me). On the one hand it’s definitely great news for those in the country aching for Netflix to speak to them on the most local level possible. But on the other hand, the whole Simuladores thing seems to have been a big publicity stunt and those yearning for a reunion will have to continue to wait. Santos himself prolonged our collective misery by rubbing it in when he tweeted his “you got a light?” catchphrase with which he would finish each case.

In an interview with Radio Mitre, D’Elia went ahead and shredded any piece of hope by stating: “Los Simuladores is currently not coming back. There is nothing real for them to come back to. Everything that happened had to do with Netflix opening its new account. We’re not close to doing something with Los Simuladores, we have the intention of doing a movie but we’re nowhere close to that right now.” Twitter user @FurfurMax probably summed it up best with the following message:

Translation: Stop playing with our feelings, man. I feel you @FurfurMax. I feel you.