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Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel’ Ranks Northeast Argentina as Hot Destination for 2020

The publication's annual list of can't-miss destinations highlights the Litoral.

By | [email protected] | October 23, 2019 9:02am

Iguazu Falls ©INPROTURPhoto via Say Hueque

As a new year approaches, rankings and listicles of all kinds start to pop up around the wild, wonderful World Wide Web. With resolutions to get out, be bold, and see the world topping the plans of many – especially when it seems like saving money to pay off student loans and buy a house seems like the most depressingly futile exercise there is – it’s with great excitement we dive into Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel” ranking for 2020. Coming in at the No. 8 spot in the “Top 10 Regions” section is our own Northeast Argentina, home to Iguazú Falls, the Iberá National Park, and a rich indigenous culture full of history.

According to Lonely Planet’s travel gurus, “Northeast Argentina should be on everyone’s list…The rest of this rugged and temperate region will lead you well off the beaten path.” Beyond the obvious – and magnificent – experience that Iguazú Falls has to offer, the rest of the region is brimming with wildlife, conservation and sustainability projects, and a chance to see another side of Argentina beyond the bright lights of Buenos Aires and the packaged day-tours of nearby estancias. Native flora and fauna abound, giving you the chance to spot everything from toucans to green-winged macaw to jaguars (!); if you’ve ever had mate in your life, you’ll see the yerba plantations up close and personal.

There are loads of accommodation options popping up, moving away from the big box chain hotels tucked inside the Iguazú park and toward eco-chic lodges, B&Bs, and luxe getaways that will seriously tempt you to extend your stay. Oh, and a detail that isn’t insignificant: traveling around Argentina remains a very affordable endeavor (OK, I know, some of us earn in pesos which sucks a big one, but let’s be kind to our hard currency-earning amigues for a moment).

So what are you waiting for? As the dumpster fire that has been 2019 winds down, set your sights on grand adventures, exciting experiences, and new destinations for the new decade that awaits. Remember that you don’t always have to travel far from home to uncover hidden gems or truly world-class moments of magic.

You can read the complete Lonely Planet “Best in Travel” 2020 list here.