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The Playlist: Live Music in Buenos Aires, August 29th Edition

The Playlist is our curated, weekly roundup of live music in Buenos Aires.

By | [email protected] | August 29, 2018 6:00pm

AnimalCollectiveAnimal Collective / Photo via Pitchfork

Are you set for another spoonful of knowledge about BA’s music scene? That’s what we do here at the Bubble – we give you what you want to know, when you want to know it.

August is ending with fireworks and everyone seems to be celebrating the fact that the cosmic transition toward the magic of spring lies just one moon away… which basically means that winter’s over! Enough cuddling over steamy pillows! (Wait. Enough?)

Here at the Playlist we have the music scene of Buenos Aires mapped out, waiting for you to take your pick. Whether it’s bar-blues rock or electro-ska, your tastes will find something to their licking. (Oh, pardonnez-moi! A mere Freudian-slip.)

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El Chacal & los Alpes Floreados

For those of you afflicted by mid-week melancholia, this Wednesday El Chacal & los Alpes Floreados say goodbye to their first album, Chamanismo Urbano, where they’ll go through their old songs accompanied by guest artists from the local underground. Since every end commands a new beginning, El Chacal will also give us a sneak peak of their long awaited new album, El Elogio de la Sombra, a musical interpretation of Junichiro Tanizaki’s famous 1933 aesthetics manifesto.

If that reference goes over your head, don’t let this show do the same! That’s the only cure for mid-week melancholia, you know – a good dose of romantic rock!

8:30 PM | AR $250 | Nun Teatro Bar | Juan Ramirez de Velasco 419

Father John Misty

So mid-week melancholia ain’t your poison? Of a philosophical nature, you say? Well, for those of you out there to whom the word darkness conjures fears that the mere blackness knows not of, the recently ‘reincarnated’ Father John Misty will return to La Trastienda for another unforgettable show.

He’ll be presenting his fourth LP, a concept album that reflects on the experience of getting trapped between spiritual angst and the freedom of our sight. Co-written with Josh Tillman, it reveals a bittersweet and frank flavor, a sure sign of maturity, without sacrificing Father John’s wit and absurd undertone. This bard sings more than songs – he sings stories.

9 PM | AR $1,800 | La Trastienda | Balcarce 460


Animal Collective

Animal Collective is coming to BA! Animal Collective is coming to BA! What! Where is my 19 year-old self when I need him! Would he be proud? Of what I’ve become? Of what he’s become? Of what I have turned him into? Most importantly, would we care, WHEN ANIMAL COLLECTIVE IS COMING TO BA?

For those unaware of the reputation and sometimes-too-edgy-fanbase of the Baltimore band, their release of their first album Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished led them to pioneer the early 2000’s wave of psychedelic folk. Although they never regained the abstract level of experimentation that their 19 year-old’s selves release did, they remained as a powerful influence in the voices of many. (Me included!) So, all psychedelic lovers please direct your steps toward Teatro Vorterix this Thursday. They’ll even play the B-Sides of Sung Tongs!

9 PM | AR $900 | Teatro Vorterix | Av. Federico Lacroze 3455

Alambre Gonzalez

“Alambre,” as they call Daniel González, is one of the most prestigious guitar players in the Argentine rock n’ roll and blues scene. Born in 1956, he started his career in the 70s becoming part of Pappo’s Blues – yes, the legendary porteño riff master. Bringing on that old school rock-code, he’ll be playing alongside Patan Vidal, Pato Raffo and Mauro Ceriello to create an unique experience, a rift in time… a show in which old songs become alive once more.

The history of this country can be told in the movements of Pappo’s fingers, Charly García once said. If that is even remotely true, don’t miss this history class!

9 PM | AR$ 300 | Thelonious Club | Nicaragua 5549



Las Pastillas del Abuelo

On this new occasion Las Pastillas del Abuelo – grandpa’s pills – have chosen to play at Estadio Obras to give a full-night play-along of all their songs in these first ten years of their career. They shall be also celebrating the ten-year anniversary of their seminal album Crisis – an undisputed masterpiece of Argentine turn-of-the-century rock.

This Friday’s musical journey will allow their fans to listen to the songs they used to love and remember what song made them become a fan in the first place. Remember Clasica & Moderna?

9 PM | AR $400 | Estadio Obras | Av. del Libertador 7395 


Jeites can be defined, ignoring Jacques Derrida’s discourses on the dialectic limitations of limits, as a pure-blood bonfire rock band. Think about the Argentine Beatles, or dream about it, if you can. Oh! Or just play this video below. Their real essence can be appreciated through their live sessions where colorful cumbias, cosmic costumes and devil dancing slo-mo pogos happen as unexpectedly as atoms disappear.

Improvisation is always part of their shows, so there’s not much more that I can say about them without lying. I think I have said enough already. Tune your GPS to the address below!

9.30 PM | AR $300 | Centro Cultural San Isidro | Av. del Libertador 16138



With over thirteen years singing on a highly publicized stage career, Bebe is one of the most iconic feminist singers of Latin America – which makes her a de-facto persona non-grata to most critics. If actions speak louder than words, then why is the pen mightier than the sword? I have no idea, but I’m sure that even if I did, Bebe just wouldn’t give a fuck.

Ignoring the public reflection of what they think she is, or represents, Bebe has always stayed faithful to her primal instincts of freedom and sensual nature, both of which figure prominently as the two axes that sustain her music. Ranging from punk rock to electro-ska, Bebe sings of the present, and never looks back… which casually explains the varieties of genres that her voice has scarred or saved.

9 PM | AR $500 | Teatro Coliseo | Marcelo T. Alvear 1125

Pedro Aznar

The unforgettable young side-kick of Argentine rock legend Alberto Luis Spinneta, Pedro Aznar is commemorating thirty-five years since he began his solo career and placed himself officially out of the shadow of his master. Through the night he shall pave the trail of his most emblematic songs accompanied by his ever-changing band, the faces of whom Alejandro Oliva, Julián Semprini, Coqui Ortiz and Fede Arreseygor shall wear or impersonate. Aren’t we all actors? Oh, but how I wish we were all musicians!

The reality of facts is fair, in any case, for if the Lord hath not provided me with a great voice, he hath given unto me perfect ears. Hey, if that’s not in the Bible, it should be. Is there any medicine for I-wanted-to-be-a-rockstar-itis than going to the best rock shows each weekend? I’ll see you there then, lest we both perish unto the flames!

8.30 PM | AR $400 | Teatro Gran Rex | Av. Corrientes 857


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