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The Playlist: A Guide to Live Music in BA, August 15th

By | [email protected] | August 15, 2018 1:17pm


With so many climatological changes going on around the world – forest fires in Finland, Cali and Greece, flooding and mudslides in Japan or the Mount Fuego Eruption (did nobody get that spoiler alert?) – inhabitants of Buenos Aires are still doubtful of the clearing skies. But it’s official: the sun is shinning, the heat is seeping in, and soon we’ll be complaining that the nights are too short again. Woe to the morning sun!

To help you traverse this winter’s demise we have prepared here at The Bubble yet another round of this city’s most interesting musical acts to jam together or jive by two’s or jinx you alone.

Rock on!


Spinetta Tribute

Brought to you by Festival Mañana Es Mejor with the collaboration of the local NGO Conduciendo a Conciencia, over five hundred musicians in twenty-four venues will be playing simultaneously the complete discography of the most important figure in the History of Argentine Rock: Luis Alberto Spinetta. This enigmatic character has haunted the careers of every musician that has come after him, sometimes in an inspiring fashion, such as with the band Cisne Elocuente, and others it has resulted in a total distinction, such as with Charly García. To find out where your closest venue is, and which artists play there, just go here. All performances are for charity, and the only entrance fee admitted is a N5 School Notebook. Do you have a spare?


Classic Jazz

This Wednesday at Congo Bar, the Toma Cinco Jazz bands will be playing some of the best and most original compositions in the genre, a program guided by the profesional journalist and jazz critique, Wanda Majcher. This jam session has over a dozen of highly trained musicians ready to blow your top-hats off in the best Duke Ellington fashion, together with Miles Davies and Dave Brubeck. If you can picture a smoky room, a glass of whisky and a saxophone, you can perfectly picture yourself there too.

8 PM | AR $150 | Congo Bar | Honduras 5329



Martin Buscaglia’s new act is called Hombre Orquesta, or Orchestra Man. This is because he has learned how to reproduce the sounds of almost any instrument, and can mix them enough to make you doubt that a single man is playing all. This is some next-level beat-boxing that has acquired such a reputation that Martin Buscaglia was elected as one of the new young talents in the TEDx Arena. You can check the video link below, or you can check him out at La Tangente this Thursday.

9 PM | AR $350 | La Tangente | Honduras 5317

Indie Pop

The B-Side of Niceto Club is like any classic LP’s backside; less known, less played, but definitely more exotic. That is why this Thursday Babauh and Indie J are playing there, two of the most unconventional musical acts on the local scene. Babauh is the alias of a new soundscape artist that provides cues to all genres while keeping the tempo up, up, up; and Indie J is an androgynous character of undefined qualities that has risen through the ranks of the local Trap scene. Although gathered under the umbrella-term “Indie Pop,” there is much more to these two than meets the eye.

9 PM | AR $150 | Niceto B-Sides | Niceto Vega 5510


Psychedelic Rock

The name of the band that plays this Friday at Teatro Flores sounds so familiar, so classic, so obvious that I expect many of our readers to think, at first, that this concert is given by a bunch of old dudes that survived the hallucinatory 70’s. Los Espíritus – The Spirits – are the newest rock band to make history in Argentina, touring through the country and the rest of South America. Their sound is raw and spicy, like eating a jalapeño straight from the fire, and in tune with their new album, Aguardiente, clearing our minds that Spirits here refer not to translucent ghosts but to pale liqueurs. This is not the first time they play at the Teatro Flores, and each time more and more people come to see them jam. Get your tickets from Ticketek before they run out!

10 PM | AR $350 | Teatro Flores | Avenida Rivadavia 7800

Progressive Rock

The correct translation of “Usted Señálemelo” is a dubious one in English, for it refers to such a boludo context that new cats in the city might get it wrong. Something along the lines of “you pick him out” or “point your finger at him” might do for now, but Usted Señálemelo’s real roots lie in the constant critique against this country’s latest dictatorship – with some cues to what they would call, with obvious ironic overtones, the new one – where they draw inspiration from to compose long epic rock ballads to melt our minds and hone our hearts. With less focus on the vocals than Los Espíritus, and passing the leading role to the solo guitarist, Usted Señálemelo has broken into the Buenos Aires rock scene to stay.

7 PM | AR $350 | Teatro Vorterix | Avenida Federico Lacroze 3455



Festival Buena Vibra (Good Vibes Festival) is a musical organization that aims to give people an all-encompassing concert experience; without relinquishing the importance of live bands, they also seek to create an interactive non-digital playground… something they call reality. So, in addition to the five bands that will be playing the grooviest rock of Buenos Aires – Gativideo, Barco, Peces Raros, Vibran, & the awesome Las Sombras – there will also be five artists showing their work, other three actually painting live, a Minivan party (courtesy of @colordelsol) and a large array of photographers, performance artists, designers and graffiti enthusiasts. This is more than just another date; it is an opportunity for the young hip crowd of emerging artists to meet up and share time together, bound by their artistic pursuits and nourished by their differences. If there’s a show this week that has everything, or almost everything – I’m looking at you, Mount Fuego – is Festival Buena Vibra. See you there! If you recognize me!

11 PM | AR $250 | Centro Cultural Konex | Sarmiento 3131


Louta is the new consecrated Prince of the San Isidro Trap Scene, where he has been gaining ground – high ground, that is – to reach an ever-growing number of fans. Having humbly begun from the bottom up, posting his first irony-filled meta-critical “funny songs”, as he calls them, on his Youtube account, he is now performing for hundreds of young ones seeking to emulate his rise to power. His style, described by himself as Pop meets Rap, is highly influenced by Die Antwoord and J Dilla. If you are wondering how can those two be ever mixed – then Louta has a song for you!

9 PM | AR $300 | Centro Cultural San Isidro | Av. Libertador 16138

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