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The Playlist: Live Music in Buenos Aires, October 10th Edition

The Playlist is our curated, weekly roundup of live music in Buenos Aires.

By | [email protected] | October 10, 2018 3:57pm

nick-cave-bad-seedsNick Cave and the Bad Seeds / Photo via KCRW

Here we are, a generation of loyal expatriates and local traitors converging to make Buenos Aires one of the craziest cities to live and die in. A generation that skips TV channels like Neo downloads programs into his brain in the Matrix. A generation comfortable enough to watch the Youth Olympics from the laziness of a sunken bed. Comfortable enough to support protests with a Facebook “Like.” Comfortable enough to turn political disasters we should cry about into memes we can laugh about. I tell you, one of these days, we’re all gonna snap.

Until then, may music be the black waters of the Styx we merrily sail unto doom and annihilation!

Angry at the government? Why don’t you cool off that anxiety about the restless future with a good dose of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds? Sad about your wardrobe? We’ve got Dante Spinetta and Neo Pistea performing live at Niceto; trust me, no one cares about how you dress there.

Nothing to watch at the movies? Why don’t you buy yourself a ticket for the Club 69 party and watch a true carnival of color and explosions? Cant leave home? We have our very own Spotify Playlist for that!

Worry not! Groove on!


Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Yes. It’s happening. This is not one of those Lollapalooza false-alarms in which you heart skips a beat when you hear that Elliot Smith is coming, only to find out he’s been dead since 2003. Although Nick Cave has been battling death and her ghosts for all his life, only recently leaving the mourning phase that consumed him after the death of his son, he’s back on tour stronger than ever, even revitalized, one would say.

If you’ve watched Distant Sky, the behind-the-scenes documentary of Nick Cave’s last performance in Copenhagen, chances are that you might want to get a closer, truer glimpse at the magic of the mournful mellow-voiced cancionere supreme. And even if you didn’t, what’s stopping you? Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds is one of those bands you will tell your grandkids about, holding a micro-coffee-chip simulator while looking at a holographic fire and listening to his unadultered tracks in the moonlight.

7 PM | AR $800 | Estadio Malvinas Argentinas | Guterberg 350

Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro

I’ve warned you about the OTFF before. They are a mighty force of nature worthy being reckoned. The OTFF is a massive orchestral ensemble composed of twelve virtuoso musicians and lead by the amazing voice of Julieta Laso. (It seems that the OTFF is already famous enough to have their name shortened into an acronym, hm.) Characterized by their crude mise en scène, their violent sonority, and their borderline communist ideals, this tango-swing band will have your hips electrolyzed if you stand close enough. This show is de-inhibitory in the most literal sense of the word – be careful to exorcise your demons in the proper appointed places! The OTFF dance-floor, of course, is one of them.

10 PM | AR $250 | CAFF | Sanchez de Bustamante 764


Dante Spinetta, Neo Pistea, Dakillah

The B-Side of Niceto Club is like any classic LP’s backside; lesser-known, lesser-played, but definitely more exotic. That is why Dante Spinetta, the august son of Argentina’s best known musical saint, has invited Neo Pistea and Dakillah to sing with him there, two of the most unconventional musical acts on the local scene.

Dakillah is the alias of a new soundscape artist that provides cues to all genres while keeping the tempo up, up, up; and Neo Pistea is an androgynous character of undefined qualities that has risen through the ranks of the local Trap scene to conquer over a million views on YouTube. Although gathered under the umbrella-term “trapicheo” – the classic yet BA indigenous mix of Trap and Reggaeton – there is much more to these two than meets the eye.

Mala Fama and Ca7riel will be opening up the night to get the energy flowing. With five artists on stage, and Dante Spinetta making his comeback to performance-oriented shows, Niceto has booked themselves a night of delirious dancing. Will you, too?

9 PM | AR $350 | Niceto B-Sides | Niceto Vega 5510

Club 69

So here’s a party for the wild ones. The corps of the Unstable Sixty Nine are a group of insane dance machines: flamboyant, loud, daring, and, above all, rebellious. Even though their show of lights, sounds and dances parallel what Mardi Gras must have been in the late 30s, the whole spectrum of the evolution of human interaction is being acted out and discarded at a staggering speed.

With Club 69 you can only expect the unexpected. DJ Ruse, their new soundscape operator, will be playing music that oscillates from the-Cure-ish nightpop melodies to full on darkpsy rave metatronics. Although a musical event by all standards, Club 69 is so much more – it is an opportunity to let go of what we like, or are prepared to admit we like. The entire rainbow spectrum – and beyond – is welcome!

8 PM | AR $250 | Niceto Club | Niceto 5510



Massacre, Los Antiguos, Los Ingobernables… These are all rock bands, right? Left! Gathering together in Groove, these bands, who are on friendly terms with each other, have decided to put on a show in which they can also do whatever they feel like – just like we do. Not only will they play, but they’ll be attempting a never-before-seen routine of turntablism and vinyl mixing, so that we won’t know if it’s a rock-themed party or a party-themed rock concert.

This is the best musical entourage to invite your soon-to-be significant other out – a night full of party music selected by those who know best. Uniting the raw feeling of rock’s subversion and the smooth vibes of electronic seduction, it seems that these friends have built themselves a temple… of fun!

8 PM | AR $200 | Groove | Santa Fe 4389


Cypress Hill

Well, you can always pack it up, pack it in… Let me begin! I came to win; battle me that’s a sin… Yeah, I’m just paraphrasing the lyrics to House of Pain – but hey, I’m so excited! If you’ve ever lived as a white kid in the ghetto, or wanted to, no band hits closer to home than Cypress Hill.
As a side-show to the Personal Fest, the famous rap band has been booked to play alone at the Malvinas Argentinas venue, since their fans in Buenos Aires are counted among the thousands. This is not the first time they come, and we can hope it won’t be the last one, but that’s no excuse for missing them this Saturday! Get your tickets before they run out! One last thing I’ve got to say: from the kids on the hill plus my mom and my pops, I came to get down, I came to get down… So get out your seat and jump around!

7 PM | AR $400 | Estadio Malvinas Argentinas | Guterberg 350


Afromama Jams in Makena Club

Afromama Jams is a cycle that celebrates love of all shapes in shapeless music, playing the best of funk, r&b, hip-hop and soul with a crew of itinerant performers that have always lived up to the height of their host, the Makena arena. The dance floor is sure to be packed with the likes for all, and the music shall be there to help all hips move along the same song, whatever it is…

Sometimes music is not that important, when the right feeling is there. But hey, if there’s music, all the best for it! Wasn’t it Nietszche who said “without music life would be a mistake?” Can you picture that mustache doing the moonwalk?

11 PM | AR $200 | Makena Cantina Club | Fitz Roy 1519


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