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LEAKED: Argentina 2014 World Cup Kit Image

By | [email protected] | November 9, 2013 6:54pm


This time of a pre-World Cup year is always exciting for football nerds, because we’re able to drool over all the new kits released by manufacturers for the competing teams in the upcoming tournament. Often, these are leaked a few days beforehand (it helps build publicity ahead of the release of better-quality images), and following the recent shots of adidas’ new kits for Germany and the other main nations they have deals with, the Argentina kit has been leaked today. The ever-reliable Todo Sobre Camisetas kit site have published this image of Lionel Messi and Ángel Di María modelling the new strip.

Cheer up, Lionel. It's not THAT ugly...

Cheer up, Lionel. It’s not THAT ugly…

Yes, it’s blurry—did you even read what I wrote about picture quality in the first paragraph?—but this image shows us one or two things. First, that the new shirts seem to have a less highlighted badge than the previous model, in which the badge was surrounded by black within a crest, and secondly that of course, being the World Cup, we’ve got those ugly numbers front and centre again. I wish FIFA wouldn’t oblige national teams to do that.

The most traumatic aspect of this leaked image, though—apart from young Mister Messi’s steely-eyed stare—is that the monotone look that’s been creeping into international kits for some time now has, horrifically, arrived in Argentina. This is one of my pet hates; international teams’ kits are supposed to have shirts and shorts whose colors are quite distinct from another. Argentina’s traditional shorts color, for instance, has always been black, whilst my own country, England, always used to wear navy blue. England made their way into white shorts a few years ago, which given that they already wear white shirts, looks rather rubbish.

Argentina of course are immune from this happening to its full extent—although shorts with stripes to match the shirts would look amusingly like a set of pajamas, it must be admitted—but a switch to white shorts is one step along the road. I do quite like the sky blue band running round the socks, though.

We can expect better quality pictures next week, when adidas Argentina launch the kit officially, but for now you’ll have to make do with the image in this post, which you can click to embiggen if you want to see it in its full, slightly blurry, glory.

Many, many thanks to Todo Sobre Camisetas for allowing me to use their leaked image. You can give them some love by clicking here to follow them on Twitter. The featured image up top is a quick snap I took of the AFA badge on my owe