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Latest Case of Political Pancakism: Mónica López Turns Kirchnerite

By | [email protected] | October 2, 2015 6:06pm


When politicians change their allegiances from one party to another at the same rate they change their underwear, it can make it pretty difficult to keep up with political developments.

Buenos Aires deputy Mónica López starred in yet another case of “political pancakism” (flip-flopping — read all about it here) when she ditched her party, the Sergio Massa’s Renewal Front, in favor of the Victory Front (FpV) and publicly backed up Daniel Scioli’s presidential bid yesterday.

“We told Daniel [Scioli] we want a Peronist president on October 25, and we need to get to work right away to avoid an eventual runoff with Mauricio Macri,” López told Télam as soon as the news got out.

But what’s most interesting in this case is not the fact that López decided to switch parties only three weeks before the elections, but that she was avidly opposed to Buenos Aires Province’s current governor and even pressed criminal charges against him for allegedly failing to fulfill his duties as a public officer after the 2013 La Plata floods.

“I don’t like Scioli, I don’t like what he does, I don’t like that he doesn’t solve Buenos Aires’ problems,” stated López not so long ago. Until this week, she was also the Renewal Front’s first candidate to Parlasur (Mercosur’s parliament), something that’s probably not going to happen now that she’s said she’s not even going to vote for herself: “I didn’t even want to go.”

Predictably, López had to defend her sudden change of heart. “Yes, I was wrong, but I can change my mind, can’t I?” she said.

“I called Scioli on the phone 20 days ago and told him, as a Peronist, I was sorry for the things I’d said about him,” she finished.

To add a little more color to this already strange situation, López’s husband Alberto Roberti happens to be the Renewal Front’s national deputies’ leader. Talk about uncomfortable dinner conversation.

“It’s her call and I respect it, we’re both Peronists, she’s supporting one and that’s ok. She didn’t talk it through with me. We only discuss our children, family matters and Boca at home,” said Roberti about his wife’s decision, and confirmed he’ll stay with Massa and the Renewal Front.

However, Massa seems to believe this new edition of political “pancakism” happened because the Kirchnerites “opened the checkbook.” “The more they use it the more I’ll fight for the Argentina I believe in,” stated the candidate, making reference to the large number of politicians from the Renewal Front who made their way back to the Victory Front in the last year.

True or not, López might still be deleting every mean tweet she wrote about Scioli. That will take a while.