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Latam Workers’ Strike In Aeroparque Has Been Lifted: Cancelled Flights Are Being Re-scheduled

By | [email protected] | January 9, 2017 8:13am

infoLatam workers. Photo via Infobae

*Update*: Workers have lifted the strike. Flights are being re-scheduled.

Aeroparque and other airports across the country are having a bit of a rough morning today as Latam airlines’ workers have gone on an impromptu strike, in retaliation to claims that company authorities have not followed through with the salary increases — of roughly 44 percent — both parties had agreed on in December. Eleven domestic flights have been cancelled so far.

Shortly after the strike, the Labor Ministry put into force “mandatory conciliation” — a measure compelling workers to go back to their posts while the negotiations with authorities continue. According to Télam, the measure was put into effect at 8:30 AM and while workers claim they haven’t been notified, they assured the media that they will go back to work once they have been.

Union Secretary General, Paula Marconi, told press that the strike is happening due to “the company’s lack of communication, since we agreed on a salary increase almost a month ago but today, because of different excuses, it hasn’t been made official.”

“We didn’t intend to get to this point, we had the best intention to negotiate. Now it’s on the company to have it lifted,” she added.