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LATAM to Join the Low-Cost Airline Club

The company will offer four different low-cost options.

By | [email protected] | August 24, 2018 10:36am


Starting in October, three new low-cost airlines will start servicing Argentina. These are the Chilean Jetsmart, Norwegian, and the Argentine Lasa, which will expand its routes in the Patagonia region. The change comes after the Macri administration announced the elimination of a minimum price floor for plane tickets within the country last July 2nd. With the law now in place, both low-cost and traditional airlines have announced new fares—some as low as AR $199 for domestic flights.

Now, the Chilean airline LATAM will adopt a similar low-cost model as Jetsmart, Norwegian, and Lasa to its ticket prices for domestic flights within Argentina. These changes will be put in place in a little over a week’s time, starting on September 1st.

When buying a ticket, customers will be able to choose between four different low-cost categories (“promo,” “light,” “plus,” and “top”). They will also have the option of accessing additional services outside the low-cost realm.

The price of each ticket will change depending on the services that are offered, and the distance of each trip. Included in the pricing of the low-cost ticket will be a personal item and a carry-on bag, which will be allowed to weigh up to 8 kilos. As no checked-in bags are included, there will be separate add-on costs for the ability to choose a seat in advance, any checked baggage, and any other modifications made to the ticket later on.

These new low-cost ticket rates will have certain terms and conditions applied, however, applying exclusively to round-trip tickets purchased at least 30 days before the departure date.

“Thanks to the elimination of the minimum price floor for plane tickets, in addition to the existing goals of the company— which is seeking to attract a wider range of customers—LATAM has transformed its travel model to best cater to passengers who value paying only for the services they actively use,” stated a spokesperson from the airline.