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LAB: The Holy Grail of Coffee

By | [email protected] | November 13, 2014 11:58am


Are you pretty serious about coffee? Like verging on obsessive and can’t start a day without one? Then, from one coffee addict to another, let me introduce you to LAB, a new(er) coffee shop come coffee ‘training centre’ in Buenos Aires. Yes, I almost had palpitations too.

On my first visit, I don’t know whether it was the coffee kicking in or the sheer buzz of finding a solid place to indulge in my caffeine obsession, but I was definitely beside myself as I sipped on my flat white and annihilated a ridiculously good homemade apple crumble. After just opening last month, this place will no doubt fill up fast with the tragically hip and coffee buffs ordering their double espresso or ‘cold brew’ as summer kicks in.

I would even go as far as saying LAB is in the same league as well-known coffee shops in New York, London and Melbourne, where coffee drinking is very much an art form and education; the precise measuring of coffee, frothing and brewing methods all taken very seriously.

Take that Starbucks - put your name on a real cup

Take that Starbucks – put your name on a real cup

From the lines of filters, cupping devices, their own brand of beans, plus the training centre for budding baristas and coffee connoisseurs, LAB seems to be already establishing itself as part of the new coffee scene in Buenos Aires, joining the ranks of coffee shops such as Lattente, Birkin, Full City Coffee House and Coffee Town. It’s truly an exciting time (well at least for us addicts out there).

The cafe and training center are located on Humboldt 1542 (between Gorriti and Cabrera). A bit of a hike from the Subte but colectivos 34, 39, 93, 108, 111, 140, 151, 166, and 168 will get you there with less walking.

Happy sipping!