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A Few Questions for the People Who Camped Out at La Rural For Lollapalooza Tickets

Oh, BTW, a polar cold wave is hitting the city this week, too.

By | [email protected] | July 3, 2019 12:38pm

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It’s been a tough week to be outdoors in Buenos Aires. A wave of frigid air arrived from Patagonia on Monday and effectively froze all of our collective toes, hands, and ears. Today, for example, I made the mistake of forgetting my scarf at home and am currently suffering the consequences. What you’re reading is being written by very cold, almost numb fingers. So imagine my surprise when, on my way to work, my bus drove by La Rural and I saw a massive line of tents outside.

Quickly, I took out my smartphone with my, again, numb fingers, to see what the hell was actually happening. Was it a scarf and earmuff sale? Was somebody just handing out gallons of hot cocoa for free? I mean, what in God’s name could justify this spectacle with a whopping 4°C in the city? Well… How about Early Bird tickets for a music festival that’s still nine months away featuring a lineup of artists that has yet to be announced? Yep, that sounds about right.

Yep, Lollapalooza Early Bird tickets went on sale at 10 AM this morning and were actually sold out by 11:15 AM. Not only that, but the first pre-sale is also sold out, meaning that tickets have officially skyrocketed from AR $3,600 for the three-day festival to AR $6,500, and will probably make another gigantic leap by the time we publish this. According to several sources, some people actually slept outside of La Rural for more than two days straight to buy these things.

Which brings me to several questions that have been lingering in my mind since I arrived at the office:

  • What exactly is it you people do with your lives? I mean, don’t you have like classes or work or something? And more importantly, what tips can you give me for achieving this lifestyle? Because honestly, I’m interested.
  • Did you ever stop to think that you may be in that section of the line that would leave empty-handed from this ordeal? I mean, I’m guessing most people that went there actually got their tickets, but if it were me sitting in my tent, a hundred spots away from the front of the line, I don’t think I could’ve managed my levels of anxiety.
  • How exactly do you plan for something like this, like food-wise? Do you just survive on a bizcochito based diet or do you take shifts to go eat at the nearby McDonald’s or something?
  • Odds are that you will be lucky enough to see at least one of your favorite bands or singers. But what if next Lollapalooza is just a collection of all of the bands you hate the most, an endless playlist of all of the tunes you despise? Will it have been worth it? WILL IT? (Anxiety kicking in).
  • Have you been drinking your Vitamin C since the beginning of cold season? Because I can just hear the gripe evolving inside of your body right now.

I honestly have about 100 more of these in my head but my numb fingers are in need of some glove time by now. I’ll leave you with a Tweet by user @_Julianchoo that pretty much sums up all of my concerns: “my respects for those people who camped outside of la rural in this weather to buy Lollapalooza Early Birds.”