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Kirchnerites Push Back On Proposed Hooligan Crackdown

By | [email protected] | March 11, 2015 6:47pm


Kirchnerites and presidential candidate Daniel Scioli are at loggerheads over a proposed initiative to crack down on the barrabravas and the violence that so often accompanies them.

The changes to the law, devised by congressman Martín Insaurralde and supported by provincial governor Scioli, propose prison sentences of two to eight years for those convicted of barrabravas-related crime and between two and six years for those found guilty of reselling tickets.

Provincial Sports Secretary Alejandro Rodríguez also threw his weight behind the proposal, but congresswoman Diana Conti spoke in its defense as the case begins to show the widening schism between Kirchnerism and Scioli.

“The formation of the barrabravas we see today comes from decades of collusion between politicians, sporting directors and union leaders”, Rodríguez began. “There’s a legal gray area which comes down to a lack of a legal structure regarding this in our laws”.

Conti, however, warned that Scioli’s campaign against the hinchas would amount to a “brutal stigmatization” and reiterating that “the Front for Victory does not support Insaurralde’s project, who introduced it knowing full well that we would not endorse it”.

The meeting in the Chamber of Deputies served to highlight again how divisive the topic of Argentina’s barrabravas is and arguably goes against Cristina’s previous calls not to use the issue as a political tool. Indeed, following Conti’s rebuttal, congressmen Oscar Aguad and Margarita Stolbizer withdrew their support for the proposal, instead calling for the the matter to be tackled by a special commission.