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Five Key Statements From Union Leader Hugo Moyano’s Workers’ Day Speech

By | [email protected] | April 29, 2016 7:25pm


Union leader Hugo Moyano spoke today in the context of the massive Workers’ Day march protesting the government’s economic policies. From calling out the government for only benefiting the middle and upper classes to supporting taxi drivers in their fight against Uber, here’s a breakdown of Moyano’s most important statements:

On unions uniting for the first time in a long time:

“I want to point out that this is a historic gathering. We managed to get all five main workers’ unions [he didn’t make reference to Blue and White CGT union leader Luis Barrionuevo going rogue and holding his own rally at the last minute] and put the workers’ interests above those of our leaders. What’s important is that all of us who are willing to defend workers’ interests are here together today.”

On the ongoing fight between Uber and Taxi:

“We stand by the struggle of our fellow taxi drivers. We know the country is going through a difficult time and we believe the government is taking immediate action to protect certain sectors of society [the middle and upper classes] but taking a long time to take action that benefits workers.”

On the government’s economic policies:

“The moment [the government] took office, it took different measures benefiting other sectors of society [the middle and upper classes]. That’s not right. They forgot about workers and pensioners. We are here to protest that. We are not here to become a parallel government but we do believe the government has to consult union representatives before taking these type of measures.”

On modifying income tax brackets:

“We’ve been protesting against this perverse tax on work for a long time, it’s unacceptable. It’s perverse to take away part of workers’ salaries they worked so hard for when all they want is to put more food on the tables. With the government’s policy, more workers have to pay taxes than before.”

On inflation:

“We’re here to ask what measures the government has taken to stop rampant inflation, which has gone up around 40 percent in only four months. How can they solve certain problems and ignore inflation, which is eating away at workers’ purchasing power?”