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Justin Bieber To Face Argentine Judge For Past Indiscretions

By | [email protected] | August 4, 2016 11:50am


Looks like Justin Bieber will have to dive into some cold, cold water next week when he is due to face the Argentine Court for the problems — to put it mildly — that he and his security detail caused back in 2013 during his tour stop in the City of Buenos Aires.

On August 11, Bieber will face the Argentine Consulate in the US for the crimes logged against him by Judge Alberto Baños including theft, injuries and threats. Although there was much doubt whether the charges would ever be brought forward against him, lawyer Matías Morla says that they are satisfied with the results. “This shows that there is no difference between justice for the poor and for the rich,” Morla told Diario Popular. “If you commit a crime in a foreign country, you still do have to pay.”

Argentina’s epic odyssey to put an end to the shitstorm created by Bieb’s teenage life crisis began back in 2013, when the pint-sized pop star became the focal point of well-deserved Argentine ire when he first mopped the floor of a stage with an Argentine flag “by accident” and then totally lost his cool in a very un Palermo-like way when his security guards beat up a photographer near INK Nightclub. Bieber, do you even know how to boliche? Local judge Facundo Cubas even called on INTERPOL to bring Bieber back to Argentina.

Morla, who represents INK, will fly to the US next week to face Justin Bieber and his lawyers, with Judge Baños presiding over the meeting via webcam. Due to the complaint, Bieber’s current tour will not make a stop in Buenos Aires, a decision that Morla admits is welcome.

In a conversation with El Exprimidor on Radio LatinaMorla recounted the night that Bieber partied it up in Palermo. “He was drugged out at 6 in the morning and got mad because people were taking pictures on their phones. So his detail took seven of them — all of which is shown on the camera of the photographer, so they assaulted him. And all this in front of the Deputy Commissioner of Palermo.”

The singer refused to return to Argentina to face justice, saying he was too busy trashing touring 46 countries. “He thinks that we don’t have a justice system,” said Morla. “So he disrespects us and spits on our flag.”

Next week will determine the outcome of Bieber’s meeting with Morla and the Court. But given his track record, we all know Bieber doesn’t do too well with apologies.

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