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Optical Illusion Maestro: CCK Exhibit Pays Tribute to Julio Le Parc

The exhibit features more than 160 works by the renowned Argentine artist.

By | [email protected] | July 25, 2019 2:04pm

Julio Le Parc CCKPhoto via TN

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of visiting an exhibit that challenges your very conception of art and beauty – except for maybe the thrill of then posting a pic of that art and beauty (with you in it, por supuesto) on the ‘gram. If it’s been too long since your last “I’m not just artsy – I’m *modern* artsy” post – we’re guessing you all already have an iconic Leandro Erlich Swimming Pool pic from MALBA on your grid – we at The Bubble have the perfect suggestion.

Head over to the Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK) in downtown Buenos Aires for an exhibit dedicated to arguably the most famous Argentine abstract artist of all time. The Julio Le Parc retrospective includes more than 160 of his works, spanning across six decades and featuring mediums as varied as painting, sculpture, light manipulation, and participatory experiences. The exhibit, simply titled Julio Le Parc: A Visionary, opens as a celebration of the artist’s 90th birthday, and came together under the artistic direction of his son, Yamil Le Parc, the director of Atelier Le Parc in Paris, France.

The huge exhibit is tribute to Le Parc’s career and occupies multiple spaces spread out through the CCK. The building’s sixth floor brings together a diverse selection of his pieces. The iconic Great Lamp (Gran Lámpara) – which he himself designed – features his light-oriented installations, as well as works that explore color variation across large fabrics. The Terrace of the Symphony Hall invites the public to actively participate in the artist’s “games.” Lastly, the basement floor displays for the first time ever in Argentina, Le Parc’s “The Torture” (La Tortura), a work that deals heavily with human rights.

In total, the exhibit spans across 3,000 square meters and serves as a national homage to the now-symbolic artist. Gabriela Urtiaga, the General Curator of Visual Arts at the CCK and an art historian by training, was critical in designing the exhibition, which will be open to the public every day until August 4th, from 1 PM – 8 PM, and then only open Wednesdays – Sundays, as well as holidays, starting August 7th.

Art by Julio Le Parc / Photo via Perfil

The exhibit brings together works normally on display in permanent collections in Paris, New York, London, Miami, and Brazil, with content ranging from gauchos depicted on traditional canvas in acrylic paint, to a newly designed virtual reality space. The CCK is working in collaboration with the National Museum of Fine Arts (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes), which will be featuring its own exhibit of Le Parc’s early works, produced in Buenos Aires before his travels to Paris.

The mark of Le Parc’s work is instability, constant transformation, and a proactive relationship between the art object and its spectator. Le Parc has always seen the potential in art to be a “social laboratory,” producing unpredictable situations and prompting viewers to action. Though he spent the majority of his life in Paris, Le Parc was born in Mendoza in 1928, and stands as a towering figure in Argentine modern art.

CCK | Sarmiento 151 | Tuesday – Sunday, 1 PM – 8 PM | Website | Instagram