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Judge Rejects Ordering Pre-Trial Arrest of Pablo Moyano

Judge Luis Carzoglio rejected Prosecutor Scalera's request

By | [email protected] | October 16, 2018 5:07pm

pabloPablo Moyano

Judge Luis Carzoglio today dismissed Prosecutor Sebastián Scalera’s request to order the pre-trial arrest of Pablo Moyano in the context of a case investigating his potential involvement in illegal activities within football club Independiente, of which he is Vice President. This does not mean that Moyano, also the Secretary of the powerful teamsters union, is off the hook for the remainder of the investigation. Scalera can still appeal the judge’s decision before a Court of Appeals.

This afternoon, Infobae reported Carzoglio’s wife revealed her husband received two threatening phone calls before announcing his decision.

Moyano stands accused of  money laundering, as well as being involved in shady business conducted by the barrabravas – an organized group of hooligans who conduct illegal businesses related to a football club, such as scalping – of Independiente, a football club of which he is Vice President.

In January of this year, Hugo and Pablo Moyano were formally charged in after the former leader of the Barras, Pablo “Bebote” Alvarez, currently in preemptive prison as a result of this case, provided information about their alleged involvement as part of a plea deal negotiation. Others accused in the case have followed his steps, describing their actions in further detail.

Álvarez and the accused have said that Pablo Moyano provided the Barras with funds from the union he leads to support their activities. Namely, of paying 1,200 club memberships, give them 100 tickets for the seated sectors and funds for trips to games in other locations, among others.

Pablo’s father, Hugo Moyano, president of Independiente and de facto head of the teamsters union, rejected all accusations against him and his son and assured the request is “nonsense from the government aimed at distracting the Argentine people.”

In later statements to the media, he doubled down on his belligerent stance and assured that “if they attack my family, I will attack them, don’t screw with me.” Moreover, he assured his and his family’s judicial woes are part of a broader persecution plan by the government, aimed at taking down those who oppose its economic policies and therefore defend the working class.

“They know that if they manage to beat the Moyano’s they will have a clear path [to implement their policies]. They will not beat and they will not frighten us. All right-wing governments like this one have ended in the same way, because they reach a limit where workers realize they will lose conquered rights,” he finished.