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Paying Homage to John Lennon at the MIRA Art Festival

August 22nd to the 25th, Raul Blisniuk's love for John Lennon is on full display

By | [email protected] | August 22, 2019 10:46am

John LennonPhoto via Raul Blisnuik

Calling all you round spectacle wearing, Beatles loving, Yoko Ono hating, art fans! While I firmly believe it wasn’t Yoko’s fault the Beatles broke up, that has to be an argument for another time, because this week it’s all about “coming together” to celebrate the great mind behind timeless bops like Imagine or the poetic classic Yellow Submarine.

Starting today, Thursday, August 22nd until Sunday the 25th, John Lennon’s image, spirit, and misplaced mail live on at the Centro Cultural Borges for the 6th edition of the MIRA Arts Festival where “Homage to John Lennon,” an art collection created by contemporary artist Raúl Blisniuk, will be headlining.

The collection consists of several paintings of John Lennon combined with elements inspired by classic painters like Pablo Picasso, Diego Velázquez or Jackson Pollock. By combining iconic art with the image of John Lennon, Blisniuk wants his viewers to take away his philosophy of a life centered around peace and love for mankind.

But wait, Blisniuk’s love for Lennon doesn’t stop there. Alongside the painted works, his collection of Beatles memorabilia will also be on display. And when I say it’s, huge, it’s HUGE. In 1998, it won a Guinness World Record for being the largest collection of Beatles memorabilia in Latin America. Blisniuk has been acquiring cult Beatles memorabilia now for over fifty years. Items that will be on display at the Centro Cultural Borges range from photographs and letters to written documents and publications of the era.

And if Lennon’s not really your thing, well frankly I’m surprised you read this far, but don’t fret there’s lots more for you at MIRA this weekend. By popular demand, the body painting course run by Pintafan is making its third annual comeback. There will also be dozens of other artists at the fair with their art on display and for sale. Somewhere in between an exhibit and a market, the goal of MIRA is to connect local artists with people who are interested in purchasing or just getting to know their work.

What’s more, entrance to the festival is free. And even though money can’t buy you love, this weekend it could get you some beautiful and unique artwork, and that’s basically the same thing right?

Centro Cultural Borges | Viamonte 525 | Thursday – Sunday | 12 PM – 8 PM | Free | Website | Instagram