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January 23, 2015 : Season 01, Episode 13 – The Nisman Conundrum

By | [email protected] | January 24, 2015 1:05am


On bursting the news, we’ll focus on the one story that is being called one of the worst crisis since the restoration of democracy in 1983: the death of Alberto Nisman, prosecutor of the 1994 AMIA bombings case.

He was found dead one day before testifying in Congress about his accusations against president CFK of plotting to get Iranian suspects off the hook in the investigation.

No wonder, the country is going crazy about this death, that has put Argentina on international headlines.

We bring you a review of all the elements, the facts, the names, the context, the politics…it’s been a hell of week and there’s a lot to swallow. Wash it down with this podcast.