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It’s Official: Subte Fare Going Up to $4.50 on March 14

By | [email protected] | March 7, 2014 4:37pm

You might want to get one of these pronto. (Photo/Wikipedia)

You might want to get one of these pronto. (Photo/Wikipedia)

We warned you about it. We told you it was happening. Some of you were overjoyed when suddenly March 1st was upon us and – surprisingly – a single Subte ride was still $3.50, despite assurances from City Hall that it would go up this month. Maybe they forgot about it?

Oh, they did not forget. It just took them a little longer to make it official. And today the City Government announced that starting on March 14, the Subte fare will go up to $4.50. Resistance is futile. And that’s for those holding a SUBE card, because if you don’t have one a single ride is actually $5.

Now, before you start freaking out, remember that those of you who use the subway to commute everyday may be able to catch a break since the more rides to take, the cheaper it gets. So in the end, if you take the subway at least 44 times each month you end up paying $3.69 per ride.

It’s all explained in this Guide to Understanding the New Subte Fare that we published a few weeks ago. It’s like “Riding the subway for dummies.” Pretty simple, really.

The City Government explained that “costs have gone up as a result of inflation” so tariffs have to be updated.

So there. You’ve been warned.

(Photo via Wikipedia)