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It’s International Coffee Day! Celebrate While Getting Your Caffeine Fix

By | [email protected] | October 1, 2015 10:49am


Drop your mate gourd everyone! It is officially Coffee Day and we are here to guide you through 24 hours of celebrations. Yes, it is in fact possible to get your hands on a good cup of coffee in Buenos Aires — take it from the Colombian brought up by a pack a rabid caffeine addicts writing this piece for you.

Promoted by the International Coffee Organization (ICO), the very first — official — International Coffee Day aims to honor everyone’s favorite black elixir while (and more importantly) inviting coffee lovers to support the millions of farmers around the world whose livelihoods are intertwined with that glorious little red bean. 

Photo from Peru's "Café femenino" program |

Photo from Peru’s “Café femenino” program |

A promotional campaign began last August on a worldwide scale and currently all 75 member states of the ICO, along with dozens of coffee associations, are taking part in the festivities. An online platform gathering all the celebrations around the globe was specially conceived for the occasion. How cool is that?

Before the date was officialized by the ICO, every country had been celebrating its own national Coffee Day at different times of the year. Argentina for instance did it on Tuesday. But who said we can’t celebrate twice this week? Don’t tell me how to live my life, Dad!

Exigí Buen Café is leading this venture in Argentina. Plenty of cafés all over Buenos Aires have joined the organization to celebrate coffee and are offering special promotions or activities for you to join the party. Here are The Bubble’s picks. Get ready for a day high in caffeine !

  • All Saints Café (Ciudad de la Paz 3200): All Saints will be offering free cuppings (coffee tasting) all day long for you to get to know the different varieties they work with. Remember you can also buy ground coffee there to brew at home. Hoping the day will be warm and sunny, All Saints will be preparing a specially fresh cold-brew.
  • Cucina Paradiso wants to remind us that Italians know their cappuccinos, and to charm us into believing in it — not that we actually need much reminding — both Belgrano (Castañeda 1873) and Palermo (Arévalo 1538) branches will be serving a delicious Sfogliatella on the side. All that for only AR$ 50.
Photo Credit: LAB a.k.a where dreams are born |

Photo Credit: LAB a.k.a where dreams are born |

  • Lattente (Plaza Italia Subte D station): Earlier this year, a little Lattente was inaugurated at Plaza Italia station off Subte D. We usually ride our bikes to work, but tomorrow we might be taking the subte as they will be offering a 2×1 promotion on every type of coffee. Totally worth the detour.
  • Lab (Humboldt 1542): Free-cuppings — two magical words. Lab will actually offer three tastings of their specialty coffees at 10 AM, 2 PM and 6 PM. The staff will also give away a spot on one of their Barista-Amateur workshops by the end of the day. Make sure to get there a little earlier for each cupping, we expect it to get crowded. If you get a caffeine overdose you can always get a cookie. It might not help, but it’s worth trying.
  • In Bocca al Lupo (Bonpland 1965): Loyal to its Italian roots, Al Luppo — once referred to as “coffeehouse marriage material” by Pick Up The Fork’s Allie Lazar — is making cappuccino the star of the day. For only AR$ 60, their specialty coffee will be served with a delicious cannoli siciliani: Italian perfection.
  • Barrio Cafetero (Reconquista 513): Downton regulars will also get to enjoy International Coffee Day treats as Barrio Cafetero will be giving away an espresso for every other coffee cup you buy. Double the caffeine, double the fun.
  • Gato Negro (Av. Corrientes 1669): This classic Porteño coffeehouse will be offering half-priced nontraditional flavored coffee: Ginger or Calipso Coffee, Irish or Jamaican. If you’re looking to experience some offbeat coffee greatness, this is the place to go. Spice it up, people!


A full list featuring all the International Coffee Day promotions can be found on Exigí Buen Café’s official website. Remember to share your cup of coffee with the world using the #internationalcoffeeday and #diainternacionaldelcafe hashtags. Happy Coffee Day, everyone!