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It’s Impossible to Move Around the City as Marches, Protests Plague the Streets

By | [email protected] | April 6, 2018 12:25pm


If you have to move around Buenos Aires City today, better plan ahead. Not only due to the buckets rain that is already falling – we know how that can cancel absolutely everything in Argentina – but also because various unions grouping state workers and social organizations are conducting different measures of protest “against the [Horacio Rodríguez] Larreta administration’s austerity measures.”

“15 percent is not enough,” is their rally cry, making reference to the salary increase offered by the City administration to most workers of its public administration, in line with the goal set by the national administration. ATE union Secretary General, Daniel Catalano, said that in fact they were offered a 12 percent increase.

Although protesters have already stopped blocking 40 intersections – the first measure of the day – there are several others that will last 24 hours, and some more that will take place later today. In fact, right now members of UTE public teachers union, Sadop (the union grouping private teachers), ATE, Subte workers, and the union grouping garbage collectors, along with social organization Confederación de Trabajadores de la Economía Popular, are marching to the City Legislature.

Besides joining the protests above ground, the Subte workers announced that all six lines will stop working as of 8:30 PM.

To lend further visibility to their demands, both teachers unions and public administration workers are conducting a 24-hour-long strike. Employees of the City’s Judicial Branch, on their end, are in the second day of a 48-hour-long strike. Banks are not open either, as their unionized workers are holding a nationwide protest. As I said, plan ahead. Or just cancel your day entirely.