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Inside ‘Le Local’: The French Women Turning Up The Volume On Buenos Aires Fashion

By | [email protected] | August 9, 2016 1:05am


Tucked into a tiny storefront on one of the well-trodden, outlet-littered streets lining Villa Crespo, is an unassuming little store front. A closer look reveals a single room store straight out of Neverland: cacti in wall cubbies, retro alarm clocks, woolen hats cheerfully hanging out atop a teepee in the window.  And yes, clothing racks that sway lazily from the ceiling, this is after all, a clothing store.

Le Local is the brainchild of three French women who came to Buenos Aires for various reasons but all realized — like most chicas kicking around down here — they had far too many clothes and simply nothing to wear. Thus Feria Piaf (the store’s predecessor) was born. The Feria was a collective closet purging with a few Argentine designers thrown in and was a smashing success. There have been six to date and the birth of Le Local is the latest result. I spoke with Judith Huillet one of the founders, who gave me the story on their inspiration.

Image via Le Local

Image via Le Local

Nuts and bolts first, how did you initially come up with the idea for the Feria?

Like lot of projects, Feria Piaf was born in a bar in Palermo. Thinking about all the clothes we weren’t using anymore, that were “sleeping” in our closets and because we couldn’t find any clothes at a reasonable price that were good quality we started to think about our own concept. We started to collect clothes from other girls, mixed it with local selected designers, and added homemade food and drinks in a big place… it was the perfect afternoon. It was more than a Feria, we made an event that brought together more than 300 people in one day.

Were you friends first?

Louisa, Marie-Pierre and I came to Buenos Aires with our backpacks alone and met each other in Buenos Aires. It’s been four years now… Louisa left one year ago and lives in New York now, Marie-Pierre and I remain here in Buenos Aires, keeping this beautiful project alive.

If you could steal someone’s wardrobe for a week, who’s would it be?

I want a mix of Carry Bradshaw, Vanessa Paradis and Sienna Miller. We have different and changing styles, one is not enough!

Yes thank you please.

Yes thank you please.

The night before you put on your first feria did you look at each other and go “What have we done”?

I remember when we opened the first Feria Piaf, in November of 2014, the first song we listened was [naturally] Edith Piaf’s “ La Vie en Rose.” We started looking at each other like “Well done girls, we made it,” and we’ve never regretted it.

Le Local is a located at Serrano 725 in Villa Crespo and is open from 12 -7:30 PM. You can find them on Facebook @LeLocal725.