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Insaurralde/Cirio: Love Is In The (Electoral) Air

By | [email protected] | October 26, 2013 4:57pm


Who said romanticism is dead? I dare you cynics to say such a thing after the super romantic tweets model-slash-choir girl Jessica Cirio, dedicated to her new boyfriend, Kirchnerite candidate Martín Insaurralde. These two have been in the eye of the gossip rags for a couple of months, specially since Cristina anointed the Lomas de Zamora mayor to become the chosen one and represent her party in the midterm elections being celebrated tomorrow.

The only problem? No one had any idea of who he was, while Tigre mayor Sergio Massa was fast becoming the rising star of Peronism. The obvious choice in order to make him more popular was to set him up with a known “model” and “actress” and “other.” And hence their love was born. But don’t be so cynical, they really do love each other.

“You ARE unique!!!!! Because of your humility, your intelligence, your way of living life without concealing anything”   “Showing yourself without pretending, without speculating”

Want some more?


“You ARE MY (MI) love”


With the m and the i capitalized, because his name is Martín Insaurralde. Get it? Well done, Martín! Dating this (fake) blonde bombshell is a much more appealing way of gaining votes than cancer during a political campaign!


“I admire the strength you fight day after day”

So for all the haters out there, whose personal experiences (or lack thereof) have made you bitter, I am sending you this celebration of love, this song of hope and a piece of news: after the midterm elections these two lovebirds are going on a romantic escapade to Miami.

And before you start trashing this sweet girl and questioning her motives I feel obliged to ask you to back off. Do not forget, gatos are people too!

That awkward moment when your partner is kissing you with his eyes wide open. (photo/lanacion)

That awkward moment when your partner is kissing you with his eyes wide open. (photo/lanacion)