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Inflation: A Lie To Get Attention!?

By | [email protected] | November 1, 2013 5:20pm


Sub-Secretary of Consumer Defense Lucila “Pimpi” Colombo made headlines today when she declared that inflation doesn’t exist, and those who say that it does are just trying to get published in the newspapers or gain politically.

Pimpi mourns the bread not eaten (image/urgente24)

Pimpi Colombo is second to Trade Secretary Guillermo Moreno in the Ministry of Commerce, and according to her resume available here, she holds a degree in math with a specialization in statistics.  Her mathematic proof that inflation is hogwash?  The indisputable fact that the consumption of meat has increased in Argentina.  According to the mathematical genius, the low price of meat is causing people to eat less chicken and pasta, because one does not choose to eat chicken if he can eat a steak.

Pimpi regaled the public with her axiomatic mathematical proofs on radio station Del Plata, where she also discussed the price freeze on 500 supermarket products.  While the price freeze was scheduled to end on Halloween to make flour and cooking oil more expensive as part of a whimsical game of trick-or-treat, the freeze will continue until the end of the year at least.

Probably a fashion show for sexy vests (photo/infobae)

She reported that the freeze was being perfectly complied with across the country, so you have to wonder what the inspections, image right, are about.

So if inflation is not real, then I guess the taxi drivers are just confused from all that cheap steak they’ve been eating and have increased fares for no reason.  And the supermarkets’ cheeky habit of stocking those 500 price-frozen products on the very bottom shelf, behind the regularly-priced goods is just a good-natured game of hide-and-seek encouraging consumers to be on their toes at all times.

Really this isn’t so much news as an opportunity to make fun of someone named Pimpi.  Inflation is so much a part of our everyday lives that it’s written into our apartment rental contracts.  If it didn’t exist, the government wouldn’t have to freeze prices.

My take on this is that Pimpi herself is guilty of exactly what she accuses inflation-reporters of: trying to make the news.  And since she’s garnered the attention of Bianca Fernet, I believe she has succeeded.  Bravo, Pimpi.  Bravo indeed.