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Ideas of March: An Introduction

By | [email protected] | March 30, 2013 9:32pm


Hello amigos!

I’m Josephine Embriage du Fromage, but my artistic alter-ego (photo above) decided that “Jo March” was a better name for me, so I’m going with it (she can be pretty cranky at times…it gets ugly…things being smashed to the walls… let’s not go there).

Anyway, if you checked my biography here at The Bubble, you can see what an eclectic person I am.  My passion for life has taken me to experience many places and professions so I move among countries a lot (the fact that I was banished from a few countries doesn’t count. And it’s also information that I may or may not confirm as accurate).

So I have a job that I cannot talk too much about, but I’ll have you know that it takes me all over the planet. Since I am extremely opinionated (other say I can’t keep my mouth shut) about everything, I decided to appoint myself as The Bubble’s International Correspondent. Which means I am going to write about news that are relevant to Argentina, to the country I’m visiting and of course, to me.

Go ahead. Create an international fan club. The guys at the newsroom said you wouldn’t give a shit but I have a feeling they are wrong. I’ll have you over for mate and bizcochitos if you do!