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Artisanal Ice-Cream Week Makes Everyone’s Day In Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | November 26, 2015 4:12pm


Thanksgiving be damned. Cancel all your Thursday plans! It is Artisanal Ice-Cream Week in Buenos Aires and as of 2PM today, a gigantic ice-cream parlour at the Obelisk will be selling traditional ice-cream, made right there and then by the greatest masters in the field of ice-cream making.

The event is being held to raise fund for the Garrahan Foundation.

Artisanal Ice-Cream Week is a historical event in the country that has been celebrated for more than thirty years now and it features ice-cream tastings as well as lucky social media draws with prices such as, you guessed it, kilos of ice-cream. Holy shit. The dream.

The event aims to spread the love and consumption of good quality ice-cream. Italian immigration has turned the artisanal ice-cream industry into a very important aspect of Argentine identity and represents the history and gastronomy of the country.

Argentines know where it’s at. Meat is not the only food that is eaten in quantities any other country would dream of boasting of as their national staple. Eighty percent of the population here eats up to 6.9kg of ice-cream a year. That’s like two buckets full of ice-cream or the weight of two newborn babies.

Here are some of the other activities on for all you ice-cream lovers out there (that means everyone):

  • 50% off your ice cream cone every evening from 5PM to 7PM until Sunday 29th in selected artisanal ice-cream parlours.
  • AFADHYA is organizing surprise ice-cream tastings in typical porteña spots: On Friday 27th they will be in theatres and on Saturday 28th they will be in well known biking spots around the city.
  • Competitions are running on AFADHYA’s Facebook page. GO GET YER KILOS OF ICE-CREAM!
  • And most importantly: Donations. Every year, the event promotes charity action among which: Hospital de Niños Ricardo Gutiérrez, Instituto Antonio Próvolo, Casa del Teatro y Hospital Pedro de Elizalde, ex casa cuna and Comedor los Piletones.

This is the best excuse ever to pig out on one of God’s greatest culinary gifts all week.