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‘House Of Cards’ Tweeted About Pinedo’s 12-Hour Presidency To Advertise Fourth Season

By | [email protected] | February 16, 2016 4:55pm


Remember when Argentina had a President for 12 hours because Cristina and Macri couldn’t get along in time for the official power transfer ceremony? Seriously, the whole thing was a ridiculous kerfuffle over where the “presidential baton” (a real thing) should be handed off. No? Well House of Cards does and used it to promote its upcoming fourth season.

Argentina: winning.

Not only does the show remember Federico Pinedo’s 12-hour presidency, but it called it “the most perfect in the history of democracy” in a tweet today:

The tweet was in response to a message Pinedo posted last December thanking people for all the dank memes produced about his brief bout at the Casa Rosada.

Best part? Pinedo tweeted back:

“Thanks, Frank. We may have different political methodologies, but we’ll work together to promote peace and prosperity for our people.”

Pinedo was President on December 10 from midnight when Cristina’s term ended until 12 PM when Macri was sworn in, following a court ruling establishing him as head of state for the short amount of time.

Whether it was for publicity reasons or not (it was), it was a nice gesture to one of our nation’s most overlooked presidents. And considering how scandal free Pinedo’s tenure was, there might be some truth in calling it the “most perfect.”

The show’s fourth season kicks off on March 4th.