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Hop On It! Palermo ‘Beer Fest’ Is Back

By | [email protected] | September 15, 2016 12:40pm


Those glimpses of sun last week got us thinking about one thing and one thing only: beer. Enough with the winter drinks, we are ready to embrace the springtime good times with a cold pint in hand.

Luckily for us, the hops gods have listened to our prayers and on Sunday – as an ideal 17 degrees is predicted – Palermo Beer Fest will finally be making its comeback.

Seventeen craft beer producers from all over the country will be present to satisfy our beer cravings. Dark, blond, Scottish or herbal infused – there is a beer for every palate. Time to dust off your sunglasses and get your eating (and drinking) pants out of the closet.

Here’s all you need to know to make the best out of the second edition of this seriously awesome festival.

The beers

For the second edition of this fuzzy fest, 17 beer producers have been invited to join in the fun. This means over 50 different types of beer will be served!  Here’s our operation strategy.

First, we’ll be walking straight towards Berkeler Cerveza’s stand. Why? Well first, we’ve never tried their products before, and novelty always comes first. Second, we heard they’re a small family brewery coming all the way from La Matanza – a really long bus drive away from our Palermo comfort zone – meaning we better catch them before they head back home. Berkeler produces 5 types of beer: Golden, IPA, Irish red, Porter and Weissbier, which is the one we might begin with, as it has the lowest alcohol concentration and therefore it’s the most suitable to be considered “breakfast”.

Next on our to try list is Estrella Roja – not to be confused with Spanish watery Estrella Damn. These guys work with three types of beer: a light and fruity Pale Ale, a heavy bodied (and high in alcohol concentration reaching a not breakfast suitable 7%) Cream Stout and, our favorite – a velvety Scotch Ale.

Right before we’re done with our second pint we’ll be lining up in front of Karnak, as he heard they are brewing a Citric Pale Ale, aka everything we’ll be wanting to drink this spring, a classic Pale Ale with a major twist: orange and grapefruit notes. Those who aren’t still synced up with the northern hemisphere’s seasons might want to try Inaf Laiken‘s Pumpkin Ale. Yep, you heard it right, an ideal beer has been brewed to go along with this year’s Thanksgiving turkey. This American styled Ale is infused with roasted pumpkin, ginger and nutmeg.

After our third pint we’re not 100% sure we’ll be able to stick to a plan, so it will probably be time food.

The food


Of course there will be food. Big players will be part of the second edition of this heavy hopped event.

If you also believe beer pairs perfectly with chicken wings we think you might want to save a little room in your stomach for a Chicken Bros fest. Right, we know you’re busy on Monday nights so you keep missing their events, and this is the perfect occasion to make it up. Have you already tried their Pop-Corn Chicken? No? Well the more reason to line up in front of their stand this Sunday.

Sweet Pepper is coming all the way from Tigre with their delicious burgers. If you haven’t had the chance to visit their Food Truck at the Puerto de Frutas, this will be your shot to give that 2 inches Bacon Double Cheese a try.

Guys from Eddie Morfi will be there to satisfy the cravings of all of the veggie beer lovers out there. We’ve heard their falafel’s are worth lining up for.

Other info to keep in mind:

Be there early!

We are almost certain the warm(-er) weather will encourage at least half of Palermo’s crowd to come, and you – smart drinker – want to avoid the lines, but more importantly: Happy Hour goes until 3:00 PM (2 pints for AR $100), once it’s over pints will cost AR $60 which – let’s be honest – sounds pretty fair.

Go with (the right) friends

Over 50 different kinds of beer will be served. So how could you make sure to try the most without causing any damage to your liver or your wallet? Bring a large group of friends, the kind that, just like you, loves sharing and trying new things. It will also be helpful when you can’t make up your mind about the snacks.

Other info you might want to know

The event starts at 12 and goes until 9 PM. It will take place at Galpón de Los Milagros (Gorriti 5417) where there’s a private parking for both cars and space to lock your bikes, though we highly advise you to take public transportation. Oh right, the entrance is FREE.


Once this piece got published The Bubble was notified that the mentioned brewery Estrella Roja might not be attending. On the Facebook Page of the event you’ll be able to find further info on the attending breweries.