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Holy Lollapalooza! Are Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Weeknd Coming to Buenos Aires?!

By | [email protected] | October 1, 2015 7:49pm


As far as decent mainstream music goes, this year’s Lollapalooza Festival lineup was on point with Pharrell Williams, Jack White, The Smashing Pumpkins, Foster The People, The Kooks, Alt-J, Major Lazer, Cyprus Hill and Chet Faker, to name a few.

Next year’s lineup is looking like it could be even better. But hold up! Don’t get too excited, because nothing is certain in here. We are just basing this on a photograph that was (most probably) taken by a member of the festival’s organization team (pretty douchey move, but hey, a picture sells).

Photo via

Photo via

Enimen – check.

Noel Gallagher – check.

Mumford & Sons – don’t pretend you don’t love them (you definitely hum along when they’re on the radio).

Florence and The Machine – go on then, check.

Tame Impala – check, check, check, yes!

Snoop Dogg – the bloke is paid more than I’ll ever earn in a lifetime to smoke js on stage for a solid hour and make the crowd sing; check, for that I guess. And it’s always satisfying to smash out I got the rolly on my arm and I’m pourin’ Chandon so I roll the best weed so I got it going on. Actually, the whole song is satisfying to sing; from the clicking to the snooooooop-ing to the killer wit the beat, I know killers in the street (Here you go 10 hours of our other Snoop favorite. 10 hours of it.)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – if you’re cool with hearing Macklemore school you on love and solidarity between songs then, check.

Die Antwoord – no comment (check, check, check).

Tyler The Creator – check.

MSMR – yaaahhhs, check.

Jungle – 200 percent check.

Haim – 201 percent check.

Santigold – yep, check

Azealia Banks – do I really have to check, really? Don’t make me…

Giorgio Moroder – it would be a sin not to DOUBLE TRIPLE CHECK (Coincidently, he is also playing tonight at Niceto Club, aka Club 69 — if you have a spare AR$550 lying around, that is).

Alesso – meh, check (If I’m drunk enough then for sure).

The others, I don’t know so well but I guess I don’t need to elaborate. The list is clear and it looks pretty banging. Too bad it’s Chile that’s in brackets after the Weeknd and not Argentina though because I would totally be up for some Fifty Shades soundtrack tunes. (In no way does this give any legitimacy to the film though. It’s still shit.)

Anyhow, only time will tell if the San Isidro hippodrome will be welcoming this hefty lineup. I don’t doubt that I’ll be there if it turns out this photo isn’t a scam.