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H&M to Open in Argentina… As an Overstock Outlet in Luján

It will be inside the Luján Walk Shopping Center that opens this Thursday.

By | [email protected] | June 26, 2019 8:50am

colorado-denver-downtown-1561879Photo via Pexels

So, in a classic case of good news/bad news, fast fashion retail giant and one the only reasons in the world that we still use the ampersand symbol, H&M announced on Tuesday that they will be opening its first-ever store in Argentina. That was, as you may imagine, the good news. As for the bad news, well it came in bundles in this particular case. One part of it is that this thing will be located in Luján for some reason, an hour and a half away from Buenos Aires. But the other part of the bad is actually worse: this is not the standard H&M store that you find in neighboring countries like Uruguay or Chile (or of course, the Ricardo Fort Republic of Miami). Only surplus stock that could not be placed in other markets will be sold here in Argentina.

What does that mean exactly? We’ll let Twitter user @71nchoOnDrugs illustrate with a GIF titled “H&M arriving to Argentina”

The Swedish brand will be located at Luján Walk Shopping Center which will be opening its doors next Thursday. In an effort to ease the public’s immediate discontent with the news, the businessman behind the transaction Arturo Alacahan released a statement that somehow made things worse. In it, he explained that these sorts of deals, in which countries deal directly with wholesalers to buy their overstocked merchandise, are very common in markets in which brands have no plans of arriving.

So, to translate Mr. Alcahan’s words, not only is H&M not truly arriving to Argentina this Thursday, but has ZERO plans of doing it in the future.

Nevertheless, Alcahan also assured in his statement that products are neither damaged nor second-hand items, in addition to promising discounts between 40 and 70 percent. His words, however, did very little to appease the always sharp Argentine Twittersphere from having a field day with this bit of news. To the tweets!



“The first pieces of clothing that H&M will offer in Argentina”

Ya empezaron a aparecer los primeros modelos de ropa que H&M ofrecerá en la Argentina…

— Enrique Viale (@EnriqueViale) June 25, 2019

“When you wish for H&M in Argentina / When it arrives and it’s in Luján”

“H&M’s new campaign in Argentina”