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Here’s Why You Should Never Bring Your Young Son To A Live TV Interview

By | [email protected] | August 10, 2013 5:35pm


Oh my God. Get ready.

Get ready to cringe. Get ready to cover your eyes and go: “Please tell me that didn’t happen.”

Remember the Ángeles Rawson murder case? The 16-year-old from Palermo who was murdered last June? Remember that the only suspect is the building’s superintendent? I mean, he has confessed already and his DNA is all over her body. So even though there hasn’t even been a trial yet, society has already sentenced him to life in prison.

Well, that didn’t stop attention-seeking and lawyer extraordinaire Miguel Angel Pierri from defending superintendent  Jorge Mangeri, claiming he is the victim of an enormous conspiracy that makes the plot of The Killing sounds like an episode of The Teletubbies. And no matter what the evidence says, Pierri has once and again repeated that his client is innocent.

Yesterday he may have made the worst mistake of his life by bringing his young son to a live TV show. For reasons we may never understand, he sat his son on his lap during the interview, and when the show’s host asked him whether the super was innocent or guilty, this happened:

That’s right, when his dad said in front of the cameras that the super was innocent and was having the worst time of his life, the young, innocent boy decided he wasn’t having any of that crap and interjected his dad’s defense.

But… boludo… he killed Ángeles.

Then, after the show’s host tries to act like nothing happened and carries on, the kid once again decides to take part in the adult discussion by raising his hand as if he were in school and saying he knows how Ángeles Rawson was killed.

An instant classic in Argentine pop culture, the kid’s tormented lament has already become a trending topic on Twitter as Pierri is trying to do some damage control by assuring he doesn’t talk to his kid about work.

They say kids never lie, right?

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