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Here’s A List Of Public Holidays In Argentina 2017

By | [email protected] | January 19, 2017 1:46pm

carnival ba

After the flurry of Christmas and New Years, what better way to combat the January blues than to plan ahead for future holidays? While four-day “bridge weekends” are a thing of the past there are still a whole slew of days off from work you can start looking forward to.

 27th and 28th February – Carnival

A fairly recent national holiday, only restored by the Kirchner administration in 2011, Carnival marks the beginning of Lent with lively celebrations in many a barrio within the city and scores of murgas filling the streets. If you want to get out of the city for the long weekend you can always head to Gualeguaychú for the true Argentine carnival experience.

Friday March 24th – Remembrance Day For Truth And Justice

Sunday 2nd April – Malvinas Day

A day to pay tribute and remember those who fought in the Malvinas War.

13th and 14th April – Holy Thursday and Good Friday

Perfect chance for a four day getaway!

Monday 1st May – Worker’s Day

A week without Monday’s is a better week.

Thursday 25th May – Day Of The May Revolution

Yet one more 4 day work week.

Saturday June 17th – Martín Miguel de Güemes Day

The newest of the national holidays – only introduced last year to commemorate the efforts of De Güemes who fought against the Spanish.

Tuesday June 20th – Flag Day

Sunday July 9th – Independence Day

ADDED BONUS  because it falls on a Sunday — Monday the 10th is an additional bank holiday.

Monday 21st August- San Martin’s Day

Thank you San Martin for giving us another week without Mondays.

Monday 9th October – Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity

Celebrated all across Latin America, a day to mark the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the continent and the impact it has had on the indigenous people this period of exploration impacted.

Monday 27th November – National Sovereignty Day

Another Monday-free week.

Friday 8th December – The Day Of The Virgin

Thanks institutionalized catholicism! Here’s another three-day weekend.

 25th December – CHRISTMAS again