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A Gringo’s Guide To The Super Bowl 2015 In Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | January 31, 2015 8:50am


This Sunday, at 8:30 PM local time, the eyes of the world (in the eyes of America) will descend on the greatest show on earth: the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots take on reigning champions Seattle Seahawks in a hotly anticipated game between the sport’s undisputed top two.

But the Super Bowl is so much more than a game. One of the States’ biggest cultural events, it is the spectacle which draws in the viewers, with Janet Jackson slipping a nipple the most memorable thing to happen in Super Bowl history.

As such, to fully appreciate its gargantuan nature, you can’t watch the game having a quiet one in with your girlfriend who doesn’t really want to watch it anyway. The bars of Buenos Aires will be teeming with expats, so get out, play beer pong with red plastic cups, eat some buffalo wings, and revel in all things ‘merica to celebrate the high point of American culture.

Palermo – Sugar, Costa Rica 4619


If Palermo is the holy land for Buenos Aires’s expats, then Sugar is their Mecca. Far removed from the smattering of hipster cafes and concept restaurants the barrio is renowned for, Sugar is bold, brash, and everything you need for the Super Bowl.

Hosting more of a happy day than a happy hour, the self-proclaimed “King of Fries” will be serving two pints of Bud for ARS $55 to wash down a (frankly unnecessary) main of 50 spicy buffalo wings.

Boasting three giant screens, the bar looks set to reach full capacity for the main event so get there early to avoid disappointment.

NB: A “hearty Irish breakfast” is also served for those worse-for-wear after a night of celebrating/drowning sorrows following the Seahawks’/Patriots’ well-earned victory.

Palermo – Magdalena’s Party & El Tejano, Thames 1795

Magdalena’s Parties are the stuff of legend in expat-centre Palermo, so Sunday’s event promises to be the closest you’ll get to an all-American blowout.

Hosted in conjunction with BBQ bigshots El Tejano, there’ll be a plethora of meat to meet all your carnivorous desires including smoked sausage, steak, brisket sandwich and the distinctly un-American empanadas ahumadas for all the culture vultures out there.

Not putting up with any of this schop nonsense, Maggie’s will be offering two actual pints of Warsteiner for $80 all night. I’ve never tried the beer, but at at prices like that I’ll definitely be making mine a stein.

Pre-game festivities kick off at six o’clock, so head down early to soak up the buena onda and enjoy the hype in front of the big screen.

Hit up [email protected] to make a reservation and ensure you don’t miss out.

Recoleta – Casa Bar, Rodríguez Pena 1150


The Recoleta barrio may be famous for its cemetery, but Casa Bar will be alive and kicking Sunday night. The international meeting place’s wide variety of beers will be flowing, with Guinness and BA’s spiciest wings putting Casa head-and-shoulders the best place in Recoleta for the authentic gringo experience.

Last time around the bar descended into chaos, so those wanting a more subdued atmosphere to actually watch the game may be best to look elsewhere. That said, if you want to get caught up in the hysteria of one of the biggest sporting spectacles in the world, then Casa Bar is the place for you.

San Telmo – Gibraltar Bar, Perú 895


Bohemian hotspot San Telmo comes alive on Sundays, so take a stroll around its vast flea market to settle those pre-game nerves before setting up camp in Gibraltar.

The English-style establishment is much like the countless gastropubs popping up all over London’s gentrified suburbs, but 7,000 miles away from home a beef’n’ale pie just tastes so much better.

The pub boasts one of the city’s best selection of ales, and with Fuller’s London Pride on the menu it really is unique in the Buenos Aires scene dominated by quirky bars. For an Englishman pining for a Sunday down the pub watching the footy, Gibraltar Bar is the place to be for great British beer and trying to wrap your head around all of American Football’s rules.