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90% of Infojus Database Has Been Wiped Out

By | [email protected] | February 5, 2016 6:35pm


Workers from Infojus, a Ministry of Justice database that contains thousands of articles on cases ranging from crimes against humanity to financial offences, reported that over 10,000 of their online archives vanished.

The workers took to Facebook and published the following plea:

“This situation started in December with the arrival of the new administration […] We asked the agency’s new authorities today, but until now we haven’t had any answers. We demand that the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights investigate what happened and publish all that material online again.”

In an interview with the Buenos Aires Herald, Justice Minister Germán Garavano stated that, “We [the government] haven’t erased a single article […] Some of them may not be accessible, but they have not been erased.” However, he did mention that:

“Infojus will undergo a profound reform to make it more pluralistic. We don’t want to have an news agency staffed with political activists.”

The government has been laying off thousands of public workers for their alleged political activism and/or inefficiency, which many see as a witch-hunt. For further information on the mass layoffs in the public sector, click here.

Infojus was created to counterweight the Supreme Court’s Judicial Information Center (CIJ) under former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and according to the the media outlet Cronista, responded directly to the head of the Kirchnerite youth organization La Cámpora.

People accusing the government of allegedly deleting the files say it must have done so either because it must be attempting to “cover up” information casting negative light on the current administration. Cronista used the “Iron Mountain” case as an example — an alleged arson case in which the warehouse of an information management company burned down, which many thought incriminated Macri, mayor of Buenos Aires City at the time. Yesterday, if you looked up information on “Iron Mountain,” nothing appeared in the search engine.

However, if you look up “Iron Mountain” on Infojus now, results do show up:

Photo via Infojus (Screenshot)

Photo via Infojus (Screenshot)

In any case, thousands of files are missing on cases against both Macri’s and Cristina’s administrations, such as the 2013 repression at the Borda psychiatric hospital carried out by the Metropolitan Police Force, where around 30 people were injured, and the Hotesur case, with corruption charges being pressed against Cristina and her son Máximo Kirchner.


Photo via Infojus (Screenshot)

Photo via Infojus (Screenshot)

The whole issue is very dodgy: either a programmer is about to get fired or (more likely) there are political motivations afoot, although speculations as to why abound without any concrete answers.