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The Bubble’s Good News Recap: June 10th Edition

A weekly dose of some good, old-fashioned positive vibes to start your week.

By | [email protected] | June 10, 2019 8:40am

gustavo_fernandez_crop1559999816202Gustavo Fernandez at Roland Garros (Photo via Rosario3)

So we were MIA for a couple of weeks with our little guiso of kumbaya; sorry about that. We’ve been busy searching for a true Argentine beer, doing the boliche grind and quite simply goofing around by comparing Buenos Aires neighborhoods with 80s teen comedies. But a lot has happened in the buenas nuevas department during our hiatus. Most notably, a guy made the world’s first mobile parrilla in the town of Quilmes, becoming a viral sensation in the process. His name is Adrián Ricardo Braga Lemes but he’s best known by his nickname El Papu. Tweets poured down like rain, applauding the man’s inventiveness; one guy even went so far as to state that not even the Swiss can overcome Argentina now. How does this bad boy work exactly? Well, you pretty much have to see it to believe it:

We hope that El Papu’s Chori Móvil was enough to get you into the happy news vibes for the rest of this article. Elsewhere on this week’s good news recap, an Argentine won the Roland Garros wheelchair tennis championship, an Argentine team won the Copa America (of ice cream) and there is now a direct flight from Córdoba to Miami, complete with Fernet and Coca.

Gustavo Fernández wins Roland Garros

This picture captures the exact moment of elation for Córdoba’s own Gustavo Fernández at Roland Garros tennis tournament this past weekend. The Argentine not only won his second-ever wheelchair tournament in Paris by beating British player Gordon Reid, but he reached the pinnacle of his profession by earning the number one ranking in the process. Not satisfied, Fernández then came out a few hours later to – get this – conquer the doubles tournament as well! Quite the busy and successful weekend for Fernández, all the while I pretty much just binge watched Chernobyl and Black Mirror and ate Friday’s leftover pizza…

Argentina wins La Copa América! (Of Artisanal Ice Cream)

The Argentine team wins the gold (Photo via La Nación)

We couldn’t do it with football (yet) but at least we’ve managed to conquer Latin America with ice cream. The fourth edition of the Latin American Ice Cream Cup took place last week, with six teams competing. The Argentines conquered gold and the opportunity to represent the region at the Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria that will be held at Rimini, Italy (where else could it be but Italy?). The winning team was comprised of Maximiliano Maccarrone, Pablo Renes, Matías Dragun y Rubén Darré, and their winning flavor was none other than chocolate fondant with maracuyá, an item that beat out second-place finisher Colombia, which came in with an iguaraya ice cream, a sort of cactus fruit from the north of the country. Other flavors competing were white chocolate and yerba mate ice cream from Uruguay and pisco sour ice cream from Peru. Surprised that the Argentines didn’t go with dulce de leche after those “bold” choices from Uruguayans and Peruvians? That makes two of us.

American Airlines debuts Córdoba-Miami flight. Yes, with Fernet & Coca Cola

Fernet and Coca (Photo via Mendoza Post)

Eight hours a trip. Four trips a week. Starting at US $580. Sure all that is good and all. But the question on everybody’s mind when American Airlines announced their direct flight from Córdoba to Miami was: will they serve Fernet and Coke on board? Well, dear reader, I’m here to tell you that the answer is a resounding YES. Well at least on the flight back from Miami, according to FlyKitchen, the Córdoba-based company in charge of that flight’s catering services. The route is apparently aiming to also serve as a fundamental connection for air cargo transport between both countries, further improving international commerce. But none of this would’ve mattered if travelers would’ve been Fernet-deprived during their trip, and I think we all can agree with that.