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Spanish Delivery App Glovo Arrives in Argentina

By | [email protected] | January 30, 2018 5:06pm

Spanish Delivery App Glovo Arrives in Argentina

We may have a bit of a wait until Amazon two-day delivery arrives here in Argentina, but possibly the next best thing has just arrived.

Glovo, the latest in the new generation of on demand convenience apps (think Uber, Easy Taxi, PedidosYa, Airbnb) offers a solution for the busy and forgetful. Picture this; you arrive at work only to realize you’ve forgotten to run to the pharmacy to grab your medication.

You then continue the day, unwell of course, only to realize it’s your mom’s birthday and you have forgotten to buy a gift (can your day get any worse?). With a quick download of Glovo, and a few keys tapped, these items would be delivered to your office by bike, within 60 minutes for around a AR $30 delivery charge. A swift solution to what could have been an absolute b**** of a day.

Started by young Spanish entrepreneur Oscar Pierre, the app has been extremely popular in Southern Europe ever since its launch in Barcelona during 2015. With an average of 500,000 orders a month and with 2,500 Glovers (delivery workers) worldwide, it seems the app is a convenient option for both users and workers. Present in most major Spanish cities along with operations in Italy, France and Portugal, Latin America is their next challenge, with a goal to roll out in 30 cities across the continent.

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Buenos Aires is it’s latest addition to cities in Latin America, which include locations in Chile, Bolivia and Peru. And perhaps due to a lack of competition from large-scale competitors like Amazon, the app is taking the continent by storm. Within three months 100,000 monthly orders had been placed throughout the continent.

Speaking to The Bubble, Glovo’s next priority is to develop more categories outside of the food and drink sector that will help distinguish them from competitors, and with already 150 Argentine businesses signed up to Glovo, it seems many more will follow. Pierre, founder of Glovo, hopes to make busy users’ lives much easier and hopes that Glovo will be the only go – to delivery app, delivering items to your home or office.

Next time you forget you are going on a date, let Glovo sort you out.

Next time you forget you are going on a date, let Glovo sort you out. Photo via Glovo.


Really, there is potential to order anything. With categories like restaurants, snacks, presents, pharmacies and food shopping along with category ‘whatever’, anything and everything can be yours within 60 minutes.

Just don’t go ordering anything that won’t fit on a motorbike. Or live animals, they won’t deliver your pet snake, unfortunately.