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Meet the Winner of the ‘Craziest Anti-Abortion Theory Contest’

Makes you wish you actually watched TV - except, not.

By | [email protected] | August 13, 2018 5:13pm

Gisela BarretoPhoto via Infobae

So, who doesn’t love a good old conspiracy theory? I know I’ve always been enthralled by those astounding, over-the-top stories that try to explain the moon landing or JFK’s assassination or Hitler’s travels to Argentina via submarine. But we’re living in the post-Trump world  and conspiracy theorists are no longer seen as colorful characters that spice up our lives like that crazy uncle that always comes to the party a little drunk… No, no, they now have real, palpable influence in society.

Take Alex Jones, for example, that right wing extremist whose (awful) show Infowars has gained a lot of popularity in the US thanks to stuff like this:

In that video, Jones states that the Sandy Hook massacre, in which 26 people (many of them young children) were killed, was staged and “completely fake and manufactured.” His rants have prompted several defamation lawsuits (including more than six from the Sandy Hook case) and a recent ban from YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and Apple. Nevertheless, his website is host to over 10 million visitors a month and, since the ban, his Infowars App has surged to the top of both Google Play and the App Store, proof enough that there is a massive audience for this sort of thing.

This brings us to Gisela Barreto… Yes, that Gisela Barreto of 1990s fame who was one of Gerardo Sofovich’s secretaries and vedette extraordinaire. Don’t know if you’ve heard, but Gisela found God big time and is now one of the biggest names on TLV1, an ultraconservative digital channel that’s pretty much been running a full time pro-life agenda throughout 2018.

TVL1 (which stands for “Only The Truth First”) has the following motto: “We consider it essential to the defend the territorial, political, economic, and cultural sovereignty as well as the restoration of the moral values that make up the development and spirit of the Argentines.” Yikes.

Well, as you might imagine, Miss Barreto was one happy camper after last week’s Senate vote against decriminalization of abortion, and she decided to publish a specially unhinged episode of her Faith Moves Mountains show.

Overall, it’s an interview with Senator Cristina Fiore from Salta who, obviously, voted against the bill last Thursday. The Senator, for the most part stayed true to her public persona and, although many of her arguments are quite debatable, she does her best to build her case around normalcy and *not* insanity, which is closer to Gisela’s style.

If you have the time and are into losing precious time on depressing shows, then by all means watch it in full. But for the rest of you, here are some of Gisela’s greatest hits:

  • ~3:50 mark: She introduces Cristina and they both sing that creepy chant that local pro-lifers have been singing non-stop for what seems like a century now which translates to “Yes to life, Mr. President, the people say no to abortion.” But this is OK, I guess. No real harm here, apart from if being extremely awkward.
  • ~4:18 mark: Things start to get looney, thanks to a stock photo of a baby with Thursday’s vote count overlapped on top and the phrase “How can I explain….” I must admit I’ve never seen a decent use of stock photo of a baby on an ultraconservative show, but this was nevertheless really tacky.
  • ~10:08 mark: Here comes one of those bytes that have been making people all through social media cringe: “It’s a perfect business. First they sell you that pregnancy is a problem, then they bring over contraceptives from India at very low costs and sell them here at triple the price. Then they sell you the legalization of abortion, then they convince you to get an abortion, and then they commercialize fetuses both for food and for so many other things.” She then, obviously showed proof of all these allegations including legal documents and videos. Just kidding. She just threw all those things out there without backing anything up.

She did clarify in a statement today that this information had been given to her by Amparo Medina (a pro-lifer and nut job in her own right that might probably deserve an article herself, watch this space) in a previous episode of her show. But Gisela definitely did NOT reject any of this info, so she’s at least to blame for continuing to spread these theories around.

If you’re part of the masochists that watched Gisela’s video up top, then you can “enjoy” her chat with Amparo by clicking here.

  • ~13:10 mark: Here comes another of her epic rants, which also came courtesy of her previous interview with Amparo Medina: “The sex education that they are going to teach, among other things, has masturbation workshops, they make children watch pornographic movies and then they ask them which parts excited them the most, and with which schoolmates they would do it with, no matter if it’s male or female.” Then she continued: “In Ecuador, for example, they implemented a Physical Education program in which teachers told students to close their eyes and walk around and touch one another.” Go ahead, add a bit a dash of homophobia to the hysteria.
  • ~44:30 mark: Gisela goes full Alex Jones by asking: “Couldn’t it be that the pro-choice camp is linked to the New World Order and that the Masons are behind this?” followed by a nervous cough by the Senator. If you listen very, very closely, you can actually hear Cristina Fiore’s thoughts: “Masons? Why the hell did I decide to come to this interview?”

It’s kind of a relief that this video, as of publishing time, still hadn’t reached 10,000 views, which makes me think that the crazy has still not taken over Argentina just yet. But keep in mind that her previous episode only had close to 3,500 views, so let’s just hope it’s just a case of people sharing it to mock it and nothing more. Perhaps we’re part of the problem?