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Get Down And Dirty With A Weekend Of Interactive Art In BA

By | [email protected] | November 18, 2016 7:03pm


Remember that one time when you were small and your mom took you to the National Gallery of Art and told you it would be fun but really you wandered around for what seemed like hours in your brand new light up sketchers staring at one painting of a dead guy after another? Feeling the will to live drain out of your 10 year old Gumby limbs as you willed the bowls of oil-painted fruit to come to life because your mom would not take you to the café, not “until we’re finished.” And you’ve avoided museums ever since because you know it is supposed to move you to grandiose intellectual thoughts but all you see is a squiggle and your greatest contribution to the conversation is “Durrrr, yeah I could paint that?” Remember that? Me too!

Fear not, for the next week Buenos Aires is disrupting the normcore (I had to) museum experience by bringing you “Museos Mutantes,” a weekend of live art and music “that seeks to explore the potential of museums as drivers of inspiration, dialogues and new senses.” And you can do it all for free. Free.

The weekend kicks off tomorrow at the Museo  del Cabildo, with guest tattoo artists drawing temporary historical tattoos on its patrons. You can tell your family that its educational at that Sunday asado! Acoustic concerts from Javier Casalla and Julieta Brotsky, screen printing working shops, and a tutorial on creating video games are just a few of the other activities on offer.

Whats on for Day 2? Oh nothing. Just a day of drawing and art at Museo Histórico Nacional. Come see cartoon artists and illustrators in action as they create drawing and fanzines in a series of workshops and shows where you can draw alongside them. It all goes down live to the backdrop of tunes from Nación Ekeko, Tomi Lebrero and DJ Humphrey Inzillo.

The activities may be limited to this weekend and next Saturday, but the exhibitions run until the 26th of November.

So go on, get some culture, I promise you there will be no bowls of fruits involved.


Mutant Museums! Participate in art as it happens.


This weekend, Saturday Sunday, and next Saturday from 4 to 9 pm.


Museo del Cabildo, Bolivar 65 (Saturdays)

Museo Histórico Nacional, Defensa 1600 (Sunday)