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Get Your Italian Grub On: Buenos Aires Celebra A Italia

By | [email protected] | September 30, 2015 7:46am


No plans for the weekend? How about round two of pizza-muching, spaghetti-slurping and limoncello-downing? Yep, that’s right. If you missed last Sunday’s Llega Al Dente! event that took over Palermo’s Gorriti street for the day, fear not because all things Italy are being celebrated again this weekend next to Plaza de Mayo.

You know the drill. It’s Buenos Aires Celebra a Italia which means Italian identity will be pouring in from all directions. We’ll be smelling the country, seeing it, hearing it, tasting it and touching it. There’ll be tourism stands, live music, food stands, artisanal produce stands, olive oils, coffee, piping hot cheesy risottos, calzones, wine tasting, stuffed ravioli, meaty pizzas, cheesy pizzas, veggie pizz… I’m drooling.

I mean, it’s not like we have a pizzeria on every street corner in this city. Ok fine, and so what if the average Argentine eats just as much pizza as the average Italian? There is always time for pizza. After all, Argentines could easily be mistaken for Italians who happen to speak Spanish. I mean, every other person here has an Italian surname, with about 70 percent of the population having at least one drop of Italian blood running through their veins. Come on, where do you think milanesa comes from, guys? To answer that and life’s other big food-related questions, come on down, pig out and connect with your or your neighbor’s roots.

The City Government of Buenos Aires is turning the place into a Little Italy for us and I certainly won’t be missing out. There is always time for greasy, melted but also slightly-crispy-on top cheese.

I’m sure there’ll be a few capreses being thrown around here and there for you healthy jokers, too.

Where is it? Avenida de Mayo and Bolívar

When is it? Sunday 4 October from 10:30 AM to 6 PM

See you there, Vespa lovers.