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Get Ready to Feast: The Buenos Aires Food Week is Back Today

By | [email protected] | April 13, 2015 9:26am


Eaters of the world, unite!

Buenos Aires’ equivalent of restaurant week making a comeback to the glee of foodies and the people who pretend to be above the term with equal measure.

The 5th edition of Buenos Aires Food Week (BAFW) is chock-full of enticing and innovative offerings at prices that will let you eat easy regardless of what the dollar blue is doing. A hearty collection of 46 of the city’s top restaurants are opening their doors starting today and offering chef designed prix fixe menus that include a starter, main entree, and a dessert – all at very approachable price points.

The good times will keep rolling until the 26th so you better start strategizing and investing in pants with discrete elastic waistbands. Just like last year, menus are set at 150 pesos for lunch and 250 pesos for dinner. Keep in mind that this does not include drinks, tip or in some cases – that adorable servicio de mesa.

Though thanks to the little angels of Bacchus at Campari, Cinzano, and Aperol you can expect a welcome aperitivo at each BAFW meal.

If you never tried UCO at Fierro Hotel, now’s your chance. (

The end objective of BA Food Week is to open up the doors of some of the more exclusive eateries, letting more people get a sense of just how incredible the food scene is here. Despite the whining that takes place in some circles in Palermo and Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires has a dynamic, world class food scene.

Next time you hear someone complaining about the lack of spice or the bloodless state of the steak here, you can smile coyly knowing you’ve gotten to know the chefs and restaurateurs carving out a new name for Porteño gastronomy.

As added incentive (or to assuage whatever brand of chronic Catholic/Jewish guilt some of us are learning to live with), Buenos Aires Food Week is also working along side the Banco de Alimentos foundation, which makes sure the city’s food-banks have the stock and manpower they need to service the people who need it the most.  

To get in on the action, browse BAFW’s website for a restaurant that speaks to your hungry soul, make a reservation, and show up on time.

Need a break from the office? Try La Panaderia de Pablo in San Telmo. (

Need a break from the office? Try La Panaderia de Pablo in San Telmo. (

Is gastronomic nirvana really that easy to achieve? Well maybe. Reservations are competitive so the key to a successful experience is to keep and open mind on where to go and try something new. Don’t freak out if the spot you have been dying to try is full, take a deep breath and see what else is open.

The list or restaurants partaking in the BAFW is pretty impressive and is presented here in an absolutely haphazard order:

  • Sivela 465 at Mio Hotel
  • Le Grill
  • Plaza Grill at Plaza Hotel
  • Trattoria Olivetti
  • Contraluz at Alvear Art Hotel
  • CLUB 31 bar & resto at Buenos Aires Grand Hotel
  • Aldo’s Restoran Vinoteca
  • Casa Cruz
  • Mercado Central
  • La Panaderia de Pablo
  • La Brasserie
  • Bice
  • Akira Sushi & Nikkei Palermo
  • Akira Sushi & Nikkei Olivos
  • Akira Sushi & Nikkei Barrio Norte
  • The Brick Kitchen at The Brick Hotel
  • Brasserie Petanque
  • Blanch
  • Peugeot Lounge
  • Captain Cook
  • El Faro at Hilton Hotel
  • Olaya
  • Green Bamboo
  • Astor Manduque Porteño
  • La Causa Nikkei
  • Unik
  • Sagardi
  • Ralph’s
  • Uco at Fierro Hotel
  • Marieta Restaurant
  • Dashi Palermo
  • Dashi Tortuguitas
  • Dashi Acassuso
  • De Quien? Restaurante
  • L’Adesso
  • Sipan Palermo
  • Sipan Centro
  • Paru Palermo
  • Happening Puerto Madero
  • Happening Costanera Norte
  • M Palermo
  • Alo´s
  • Rëd Resto & Lounge
  • Restaurant Topinambour
  • La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

Go forth and get your grub on.