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Gas Leak In Barracas Leaves One Dead And Three Hospitalized

By | [email protected] | August 3, 2016 3:53pm


This morning, a gas leak in the neighborhood of Barracas in the City of Buenos Aires resulted in one death and three hospitalizations. Workers were repairing a pipe on the corner of Montes de Oca and Martín García when a gas valve was accidentally jumped, drawing police, firefighters, civil defense and SAME (a system for medial emergency) to the scene who normalized the situation shortly before noon.

The head of SAME reported that three workers on site experienced respiratory difficulty and while two are being treated in Argerich Hospital, one died of cardiac arrest. In addition, a janitor from one of the nearby hospitals suffered a nervous breakdown and was admitted to Hospital Penna.

It’s unknown how the gas leak was started. The employees of a Metrogas contracting company were doing routine repairs on a low-pressure pipe when gas flooded the pit where Metrogas was operating. There was no fire or explosion to release a smoke signal but someone working across the street said “the smell of gas was so strong, you drowned in it.”

The area is surrounded by commercial buildings and is located near a school. The nearby students were not told to evacuate but Civil Defense ordered all neighbors of the accident to close their windows.

SAME, Civil Defense and the Metropolitan Police are still near the site of the accident because gas and light were cut within a two-block radius but the leak is under control.

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