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Garbage Truck Explodes, Burns Down Six Cars In Chacarita

By | [email protected] | September 24, 2013 8:17pm


An explosion that did not kill anyone in the Palermo suburb of Chacarita (AKA Palermo Dead) last night caused upset regardless among local residents, since it burned up six cars that were neatly park on the side of the road and for a second there everyone thought the Chinese pyromaniac, who terrorized the city back in 2005, was back.

The noise created by the explosion in the middle of the night, waking the neighbors up, also angered them. But mostly it was the terror from the blast that made everyone angry.

Turns out an electric-circuit failure in the trash-cruncher on the corner of Colegiales’ Córdoba and Concepción Arenal streets unleashed a chain of events at 4.30 am that started with a fire in the aforementioned dumpster and finished with a conveyor belt of cars blowing up.

At the beginning, the media thought this was the mysterious attack of another car-burning pyromaniac, but alas, it wasn’t nearly as exciting as that. Neighbors were fuming this morning when it became clear that the original fire in the dumpster truck could have been put easily by the garbage men (or, as we British call them, “rubbish men,)” who turned out to be rubbish men after running for the hills instead of trying to save the vehicles (actually they panicked and called the firemen.)

After catching fire, the truck began to lose fuel, which went straight to the gutter on the left side of the street and under the cars. The explosion shattered doors and windows of the nearby homes and created panic in the area.

Local resident and baker Allan Kelin described the explosion as “two shotgun blasts” and even though he said he wasn’t frightened, he did say “he had to change the sheets.”

The reason I’m writing this story, obviously, is because the explosion took place on my block. I heard a huge bang that sounded like it could be a bomb, then three shots that sounded like gunfire.

I assumed it could be a nuclear attack, grabbed my cats, and went to hide in my bunker.

Other neighbors threw in their two-pence worth of horror throughout the day as newsmen went about their business accumulating coins and small change.

Despite their traumatic experience, the six burned-out cars were not left in peace. By early evening, some toerag had tried to pinch one of the melted tires. No idea if the insurance will cover them. Probably not.

(Photo by Sorrel Moseley-Williams)